How to replace lost TSC certificate, how to change your names on TSC certificate, how to apply for duplicate TSC certificate

Previously I had written how to acquire TSC number, but today am going to take you through how to replace a TSC certificate.

Teachers Service Commission certificate is a crucial document that any Kenyan teacher aspiring to teach must have. Without this document, one can neither be employed nor be promoted.

Just like any other document, this document can also get lost or misplaced hence denying one crucial services. There is no need to worry any more since its now easier to replace ones TSC certificate or even change your names.

When is a TSC certificate replaced

Remember that the commission offers opportunities for TSC certificate to be replaced if:

  • It is misplaced.
  • It is lost.
  • Damaged.
  • Destroyed.
  • One wants to change names.

Requirement for TSC certificate replacement

  • Must pay a non-refundable fee of ksh. 2055
  • Bank payment slip
  • ID
  • Incase of change of names an affidavit or marriage certificate must be provided
  • All applications must be done online.

(Remember that the commission does not allow any paper work)

How to apply for TSC certificate replacement

All your scanned documents should be kept ready before the whole exercise is commenced, because you will have to upload them. Here are the steps to apply for the replacement of TSC certificate;

  1. First click on this link:
  2. Enter you ID number and Surname in form like the one shown here
  3. Click Next where you will be prompted to fill all your details as shown below
  4. Follow the procedure to the end until you finish.