How to Apply for a TSC Number, Requirements for TSC Number and Procedures for application

The TSC Act 2012 requires that every trained teacher to be registered by the Teachers Service Commission, before they can be assigned duties in any school in Kenya, be it a private and public school.

To back this TSC act, the ministry of education released a directive in late 2016 to all county commissioners to ensure that only qualified teachers to enter classrooms as from 2017. A qualified teacher is the one who has been registered by Teacher Service Commission and awarded a certificate of registration.

If you are a trained teacher and you don’t have a TSC number, no need to worry any more. I’m going to guide you through how to secure one.

Its good to note that, TSC does not recognize any application made manually. This means that everything is done online.

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To start the whole process, the following documents are scanned, to make them easier to upload;

  • All academic certificates ( primary, secondary, university or college)
  • College/ university transcripts.
  • Your photo (passport size)
  • Banking slip of a non-refundable registration fee (Kshs 1055 and Kshs 2055 for Duplicate certificate) to be deposited in the following TSC Registration Accounts National Bank of Kenya (for Direct Banking, account number is 01001000905001, or for Simple Banking use this Pay Bill Business Number 625625).

Remember that without this payment, registration won’t be processed.

After scanning all the required documents, go to and start the registration process.

Onces you have finished all the online process, it will take less than a month before TSC number is assigned to you. To check whether you have successfully be assigned a TSC number click here teacher registration status and use your National ID number.

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