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HIGHER EDUCATION FINANCING Portal Via portal.hef.co.ke


What is the New Higher Education Funding Model?
It is a new way of providing financial support to students enrolled in Universities & TVET institutions to ensure every Kenyan student is assisted according to their level of need.

What are the benefits of the New Funding Model?
✓ It ensures that all eligible Kenyan Students are provided with adequate education financial support.
✓ It promotes the provision of quality education in higher learning institutions.
✓ It ensures that students are adequately supported based on their level of need.
✓ To ensure timely disbursement of funds students and higher learning institutions.
✓ To address the student funding gap.

Higher Education Financing portal Login; Official Guide

To access the higher education financing portal click here

Higher Education Financing

In a bid to address the current financial challenges at Institutions of Higher Learning because of increasing enrolments with inadequate funding, president Ruto promised to introduce new financing model for higher education.

Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) Institutions, have experienced increasing enrolment has led to a reduction in funding per trainee (capitation grant) over the years, from KSh30,000 to as low as Ksh 17,000 a year.

New model introduces a student-centered funding model rather than block funding to institutions. Fundamentally grants/scholarships will now be awarded on a need basis just like loans have been awarded in the past. In the New Funding Model all Scholarship, Loans and Bursaries will have to be Means Tested for each loan applicant. Consequently, funding to students will be funded according to their level of need level and programme cost.

For the first time, students whose households are at the bottom of the pyramid shall enjoy equal opportunities in accessing university and TVET education through 100% Government Funding. This means, their households are not expected to pay anything for the programme cost and additionally the student will receive upkeep from the Loan proceeds. Out of the 2022 KCSE graduates, over 45,000 university students and 42,000 TVET students categorized as vulnerable and extremely needy, will be fully funded under the Government Scholarships and Loans. The categorization will be realized through a reliable scientific method (Means Testing Instrument – MTI), used to determine the student’s level of financial needs, to ensure they are supported adequately. However, the continuing students will not be affected by this funding model and will continue to receive their funding based on the Government’s existing model.

Following the president’s directive on 3rd May 2023 to roll out the New Funding Model, the government has developed and completed the Higher Education Financing Portal, to receive applications for both Scholarships, Loans and Bursaries for University and TVET students. Students who require funding MUST make formal application through Higher Education Financing portal (www.hef.co.ke).

Scholarships, Loans and Bursaries application platform will be opened with effect from midnight 31st July 2023 and will remain up to midnight of 27th August 2023.

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