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Here is The New Revised Teacher Service Commission (TSC) Structure 2024

The commission has developed new organisation structure and the following are major highlights:


Three directorates each to be headed by Deputy Commission Secretary (DCS) have been established. The directorates are:

  • Finance and Administration
  • Teacher Management
  • Human Resource Management and Development

Each directorates will have divisions, Sections and Sub-Sections.


Divisions will be headed by Director while subdivisions will be headed by senior deputy director. There are also specialized units to be headed by a director or deputy senior director.

The following are the directorates with divisions and the specialized units under them;

1. Teacher Management Directorate

  • Staffing division
  • Quality Assurance and Standard and Teacher Registration Division
  • Field Service Division

2. Finance and Administration Directorate

  • Finance and Accounts Division
  • General Administration Division

3. Human Resource Management and Development

  • Human Resource management Division
  • Human Resource Section Division
  • Pension Section

4. Specialized Units

The following specialized units will report Directly to the Chief Executive Officer

  • Information Communication and Technology
  • Legal Service Commission
  • Internal Audit Division
  • Corporate Communication Section
  • Policy Planning Research and Innovation Section
  • Supply Chain Management Section

5. Decentralized Units

In addition to existing county and sub county structures, the commission has established the following regional offices to be headed by TSC regional coordinators.

  • Nairobi
  • Rift Valley
  • Eastern
  • Central
  • North Eastern
  • Coast
  • Nyanza
  • Western

The regional coordinators shall report to the Deputy Secretary Commission, Teacher Management.

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