How to fill TSC TPAD online step-by-step; TSC TPAD Manual 2019

Importance of Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD) system

Teachers Service Commission Code of Regulations for Teachers, regulation 52 (1) provide for the Commission to develop an open performance appraisal system for teachers in its employment. This is with a view to strengthening supervision and continuous monitoring of the performance of teachers in the maintenance of the teaching standards at the institutional level.

According to the Commission the Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD) system was established so as to support teachers improve in their teaching competencies. TPAD which is an open appraisal system allows teachers in primary and secondary schools to participate in evaluating their own performance and initiate their professional development.

Through this appraisal and development system, it is envisaged that teachers will become more empowered to regain the lost glory of the teaching profession and earn public confidence and support.

Its is important to note that TPAD is an important tool when it comes to promotion of teachers from one grade to another.

Here is a step by step manual to help you fill TPAD with ease

1. On your desktop, click on the start button to open any of the browsers i.e
Google chrome, internet explorer or Mozilla firefox by clicking on it.

2. Type in the” address line” the following URL
and press the enter key

3. The following screen appears. Point on Online Services, below it click on
Teacher Appraisal

4. The screen below will be displayed. Click the Login button as shown.

5. The login screen is displayed as below

6. . On the login screen type your TSC Number as your username and password
then Click on the login button

7.The manage account screen appears as below.

8. The manage account screen type in to change your password accordingly
and then click on the change password button.

9. The confirmation note will be displayed as shown below and then click on
the login button

10. . Type in your TSC Number as your username and your new password in the
login screen then click login button

11. Finalize your registration and click submit button

12. The homepage appears as shown below

13. Click on the data tab and then click on institutions as shown

14. Click on my institution tab as shown

15. The list of the teachers in the institution will be displayed. Click
appraisal button alongside your name.

16. If the appraisal form is not displayed, click on the create new button

17. Fill in all the information in the spaces as shown below.

18. Click on the create button

19. Click on the action tab dropdown arrow and select the respective form for

20. For example click on the teaching standard mass to appraise/rate
yourself accordingly then click save data button