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Government Allows JSS Students To Wear ‘Old Uniforms’

The Government has recently ruled that students transferring to Junior Secondary School (JSS) may use their prior schools’ uniforms.

They came to this consensus during a meeting on Tuesday, February 28, at State House Nairobi, which was presided over by President William Ruto.

The Cabinet Secretaries believe that no student should be expelled for not having new school clothes.

“Cabinet considered the progress being made in the implementation of the transition to Junior Secondary School, which is part of the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC).

“The Cabinet directed to foster equal opportunity for all our nation’s children, even where the transition to Junior Secondary School may warrant a change of uniform, no student should be turned away from school for lack of school uniform so long as they are kitted in their primary school uniforms,” part of the statement reads.


Late last year JSS leadership was given the green light to determine uniforms for their respective schools in consultation with their respective stakeholders and the Sub-County Director of Education (SCDE).

The outfits would also have extra distinctive elements for branding and institution identification.

The JSS uniforms should also respect the religious and cultural values of the various communities.

The Ministry of Education also mandated that parents are responsible for purchasing uniforms, and no school shall advise parents on where to do so.

Nonetheless, JSS were advised not to bar learners from moving on to the next level because they couldn’t afford school uniforms in the statement.

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