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Cabinet Okays Scrapping NHIF, to be replaced by three new Funds

In an effort to hasten the implementation of universal health coverage, the government has repealed the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) and replaced it with three distinct funds: the Primary Healthcare Fund, Social Health Insurance Fund, and the Emergency, Chronic and Critical Illness Fund.

The three funds were created as a result of reorganising the entire health expenditure of Sh550 billion, according to State House spokesperson Hussein Mohamed.

However, he pointed out that the exchequer will provide funding for the Primary Care Fund.

The cabinet also decided to establish maize prices to protect farmers in the Central, Eastern, Coast, South Rift, and Nyanza regions from losses due to the anticipated record harvest.

An agreement has been reached to determine a reasonable price for the produce, according to a report from the inaugural cabinet meeting held outside of Nairobi at the Kakamega State Lodge.

In addition, the government will protect farmers from post-harvest losses by giving them access to mobile dryers as it works to make sure that farmers have access to high-quality and reasonably priced inputs to support abundant food supply in the future.

In addition, the government would spend at least one million dollars on bags of maize to keep in the country’s Strategic Food Reserve.

The Ministry of Agriculture & Livestock Development will promptly declare the off-take price for the crop for the year 2023 after consulting with all parties in accordance with the regulations.

President William Ruto’s meeting also gave the Ministry of Agriculture instructions on how to make sure that maize for strategic reserves is stored properly.

Despite the optimistic forecast for maize cultivation, it was observed that the sugar business continues to face significant difficulties because there is not enough cane available.

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