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Elimu Fund scholarship application form 2019

The Ministry of Education through Equity Group Foundation is offering Secondary School Scholarships in 110 targeted Sub-Counties and fifteen (15) urban centres with informal settlements, to poor and vulnerable children from financially constrained backgrounds and who attained 280 marks and above in 2019 KCPE.

For affirmative action, candidates who are Orphans and/or from Vulnerable
Communities and those with special needs and disabilities who attained below 280 marks may be considered.

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Eligible applicants

Only the Candidates who sat for KCPE examinations in 2019 from public primary schools in the 110 Sub-Counties and the fifteen (15) urban centres with informal settlements will be eligible to apply.

The 110 targeted Sub-Counties are as per the National Government Administrative areas that existed in the year 2015. The list of the targeted Sub-counties and the fifteen (15) urban centres with informal settlements can be accessed through the Ministry of Education and Equity Group Foundation websites; www.education.go.ke and https://egfdmis.equitybank.co.ke/register_elimu

The applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Candidates with special needs and disabilities (Physical, Hearing and Visual Impairments, Autism, Albinism, Learning Disabilities and Others); or
  2.  Orphans and vulnerable children; or
  3.  Candidates from vulnerable communities in the target Sub-Counties; or
  4.  Candidates from urban centres with informal settlements; or
  5.  Candidates whose parents/guardians are living with disabilities that have compromised their ability to meet the financial obligations of their children
  6. Candidates whose families are affected by HIV/AIDS and other chronic illnesses with debilitating effects thatcould render parents and guardians destitute and unable to fend for their families
  7. Candidates whose families are affected by extreme poverty rendering them unable to educate their children
  8. Candidates Who have suffered from neglect, abuse and have no support to continue with their education.

Elimu Fund scholarship application form 2019

Application forms can also be downloaded from the Ministry of Education and Equity Group Foundation websites; www. education.go.ke and https://egfdmis.equitybank.co.ke/register_elimu

Interested applicants are advised to collect the scholarship application forms from the nearest Equity Bank Branch or Equity Bank Agent as from Wednesday 4th December 2019.

Duly completed application forms and supporting documents should be submitted to the nearest Equity Bank Branch by 16th December, 2019. Shortlisted candidates accompanied by parents/guardians will be invited for interviews which will be conducted by the Community Scholarship Advisory Committees.

The scholarship caters for;

  • School fees,
  • transport to and from school,
  • learning materials and
  • School kit for the beneficiaries for the four-year education period.

Please note that ONLY the candidates who meet the requirements will be considered for the scholarship. Members of the public are urged to share this information widely.

Elimu Fund Contacts

Any grievances regarding the scholarship programme should be addressed to:
elimu@equitygroupfoundation.com or elimu@education.go.ke

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