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Effectiveness of TPAD raises more questions

The effectiveness of Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development-TPAD tool is on spot after following the recent directive from TSC.

The commission had ordered heads of institutions through county directors to forward records teachers who have been absent on medical ground. The motive behind the directive is unknown but glaringly its ill fated. Why should the employer enquire for health records of employees?

“A case of a teacher that has not been in the station for over three months and is not officially on approved leave of absence is also required,” said the commission in a circular on Thursday

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Probably the commission is targeting heads of institutions who are not cautious when filling the tpad tool. The heads of institutions have up to 15th November to submit data required.

Termination of duty on medical ground

The commission can terminate duty of a teacher on medical ground. A sickling teacher can receive full salary for the first three months and half salary for the next three months.

Once six months elapses, the teacher receives no salary.

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Effectiveness of TPAD

A question that has left many teachers wondering is how effective is the appraisal program. The data being requested by the commission is found in the termly tpad forms.

Instead of tsc ordering school heads to submit data of teachers who have been absent on medical ground it should go through the information filled on tpad and get precise information. Not unless TSC is silently admitting that that tpad has failed.

Tpad is a thorny issue that has received opposition from teachers because of its detailed nature and more clerical work.

Knut SG Wilson Sossion is on record conditionally supporting the appraisal program. Mr. Sossion advocates for a appraisal program that is not detailed and filled annually and not termly.

The commission strongly defends the appraisal program, that it has minimized cases of absenteeism.

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