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Curriculum Support Officers (CSOs) 1 TSC Scale 11; Requirements For Appointment, Duties

  Duties and Responsibilities

Duties and responsibilities at this level will entail:  

  1.  Carrying out regular visits to schools, observe teaching techniques, give  demonstration lessons and advice teachers on methods and resources  needed for effective teaching and learning; 
  2. Collecting, collating and submitting data on school enrolment,  establishment, staffing and other related information;
  3. Participating in the organization and management of co-curriculum  activities;
  4. Identifying the training needs of teachers and heads of institutions and  advise the Commission accordingly;
  5. Providing support services to teachers and advise on curriculum  implementation, supervision and evaluation;
  6. Organizing and conducting courses on curriculum delivery and  implementation through seminars, workshops, retreats and in service  programs in conjunction with the sub county director;
  7. Assisting in identification and acquisition of appropriate teaching and  learning resources;
  8. Assisting teachers to develop teaching aids and other reference  materials;
  9. Updating teachers on curriculum changes, pedagogy, content coverage  and other emerging issues in the teaching service;
  10. Developing work programs and prepare progress reports for the  teachers advisory Centre;
  11. Working with the quality assurance officer to improve teaching and  learning.
  12. Assisting in teacher Performance Appraisal and Development;
  13. Identifying and assessing children with special needs and recommend  them for appropriate placement in SNE institutions;
  14. Advising the Commission on the staffing needs of special schools and  career progression and professional development of SNE teachers;
  15. Providing support services to teachers in special schools and advise on  curriculum implementation, supervision and evaluation;
  16. Assisting SNE teachers to develop/acquire teaching and learning  materials;
  17. Monitoring and ensuring compliance with special needs education  delivery standards;
  18. Monitoring the conduct of special needs education teachers in the  management of special needs learners;
  19. Assisting in teacher Performance Appraisal and Development;
  20. Organizing and conducting courses, seminars, workshops, retreats and  in service programs for SNE teachers on matters related to SNE learners;
  21. Collecting and maintaining data on SNE schools and learners; and
  22. Participating in the organization and management of co-curriculum  activities SNE schools.
  23. Mentoring and coaching teachers

Requirements for Appointment 

For appointment to this grade, one must have:  

  1. Served as a teacher for a minimum period of 10years;
  2. Bachelor’s degree in Education from a recognized institution; OR  Bachelor’s degree plus a Post Graduate Diploma in Education from a  recognized institution;
  3. Masters degree in Education/special education from a recognized  institution;
  4. Certificate in computer applications skills;
  5. Demonstrated merit and ability as reflected in work performance and  results;
  6. Meet the requirements of chapter 6 of the Constitution.
  7. Attended a Management course lasting for not less than 2 weeks

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