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Best and Marketable Master Programs in Vietnam 2022

Vietnam provides an excellent opportunities for students seeking a unique graduate education. Apart from wonderful professional and intellectual growth, studying in Vietnam exposes one to quality masters course and also excellent facilities. In addition to all these, amazing and beautiful landscape is what makes Vietnam the best destination for students from all over the world.

Here is a list of Best and marketable masters programs in Vietnam:

1. Master of Software Engineering

Master of Software Engineering (MSE) will open amazing to learn how to plan, implement, monitor and control software projects with issues related to cost, budget, resources, time, quality and customer satisfaction.

The best University to enrol for this program is FPT Vietnam (http://international.fpt.edu.vn), where one will take about 1.5 years with a tuition fee 8,000 USD (Total). Students are admitted during July and December intakes.

Masters in Software Engineering is designed to bring the benefits of modern technology and high-quality graduate-level instruction to engineers/scientists/technologists interested in furthering their skills.

2. Master in Mechatronics and Sensor system Technology

Sensors have wide applications and have become most essential part of technology in engineering. They are extensively applied in touch screens, cameras in mobile phones and highly automated robots in modern production facilities. This makes this masters course the best since it opens up the excellent job and research opportunities for students in many branches of this industry like microelectronics, automotive, environmental technologies or automation.

One can enroll and pursue Mechatronics and Sensor Systems Technology (MSST) within a period of two years (4 semesters) at VGU university. (http://vgu.edu.vn)

3. Master in Computational Engineering

Masters in Computational Engineering program prepares students in the theory and application of computer-based simulation techniques.

It is offered at VGU (http://vgu.edu.vn) by the Ruhr-University Bochum within two years (4semesters) one will be through if the mode of study is full time.

4. Master in Global Production Engineering and Management

Instead of focusing on business administration, Global Production Engineering (GPE) enables engineers to create systematic technological innovation combined with efficient and effective industrial business management. Thus enrolling in this program is the best thing since In a global market, companies have to balance the ability to create and design innovative solutions as well as the ability to exploit them.

Masters in Global production engineering and management program can be pursued in Vietenmasse Germany university in a duration of two years (4 semesters).

5. Master in Business Information System

It’s a professional graduate program that prepares students for innovative careers as business technologists.

The program is offered at VGU as a part-time study program, allowing students to work in the day and to study on three evenings a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and whole day on weekends.

6. Master in Sustainable Urban Development

This is an interdisciplinary program, covering the subjects in the areas of traffic planning, management and economics, civil engineering, urban management and planning, ecology and social sciences.

One can enroll for this program in Vietnamese Germany University for a duration of two years (4 semesters) and gain vast Knowledge on how handle the highly complex process of urban planning and development in a quickly urbanizing country by understanding and analyzing typical urban problems in a new and specific context.

7. Master of Project Management in Construction

The Project Management in Construction field of study trains professionals to play a leading role in the international construction industry. It molds students to become active leaders in the construction industry and large construction project. The program prepares for students:To become outstanding managers and decision-makers familiar with the modern techniques of construction management, engineering management, and infrastructure management.

This program can be pursued in Asian Institute of Technology in a duration of 1 year.

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