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TSC Allowances paid to teachers: special school allowance, interpreters allowance, Special duty, Reader allowance,Travel allowance, Quota per Diem

An allowance is a sum of money paid regularly to a person in order to meet needs or expenses.

In Kenyan a teacher can be paid two types of allowances either remunerative or reimbursable.

Reimbursable allowances are usually refunded upon application, while remunerative are those that are paid together with salary.

Remunerative Allowances

There are two types of remunerative allowances namely;

  1. Automatic
  2. Those payable upon application

The following are allowances that are automatic;

Allowances payable upon application includes;

  • Responsibility Allowance

This allowance is paid to teachers who are headteachers, deputy headteachers and Senior teachers who are in job group K and below.

  • Special Duty Allowance

This allowance is paid to those teachers who are in Job group M and have been appointed to administrative positions by the commission in arid and semi arid areas

  • Reader Allowance

Its paid to a teacher who is visually impaired. Its usually paid at a fixed rate that is determined by the commission from time to time.

  • Interpreters Allowance

This one is paid to deaf teachers who engage interpreters while on study leave.

  • Special School Allowance

This is payable to teachers who are are specialized in special needs education or those who have been deployed to teach special schools or units.

  • Transfer Allowance

This allowance is paid to teachers who have been transferred from one county to another. The condition for this allowance to be paid is that the transfer must be initiated by the commission.

Reimbursable Allowances

The commission reimburses the following expenses to teachers;

Travelling expenses

To qualify for these allowances, teachers must apply using prescribed forms and attach supporting documents.

The following are the conditions under which the commission will reimburse funds to teachers;

  • When the interdiction of a teacher has been revoked.
  • While travelling to attend an interview.
  • Travelling on a first day to your station outside home county.
  • Travelling from duty station outside home county on retirement.
  • Teachers working in hardship areas to and from home during school holidays.

Quota per diem

This is daily subsistence allowance paid to teachers who are in official duties. To qualify for this allowance, a teacher should apply 14 days early.

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