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After Stoping Delocalization MPs Set To Impeach TSC CEO

After the August house passed a motion to bring to end the delocalization which was sponsored by Lurambi Mp Titus Khamala focus has now switched to impeachment of the Teachers Service Commission TSC CEO Dr. Nancy Macharia.

Lurambi Mp Titus Khamala who brought the motion “Review of Teacher Deployment Policy” which was voted overwhelmingly by all Mps says he will now start a motion to change the TSC leadership.

“Iam looking at a motion of impeachment , Parliament may be going for the CEO of the Teachers Service Commission,” said Khamala outside Parliament bulidings yesterday.

The legislature noted that he will seek guidance from education stakeholders how to go about the whole process of removing TSC boss from office.

Khamala is also intending to seek guidance from teachers’ unions before tabling a motion in parliament.

“Right now am consulting stakeholders, am talking to Kepsha (Kenya Primary School Heads Association), Kessha (Kenya Secondary School Heads Association), am talking to Kuppet and Knut and am also looking at different education stakeholders,” he said.

The Mp also said he will involve Ministry of Education officials on their view and suggestions before taking the TSC leadership head-on.

“Am also in talks with Ministry of Education officials I want to get facts and I want to get sufficient grounds and I will begin working on a motion so that their can be good leadership at top of TSC which respect teachers,” he added.

His sentiments come barely a day after Mps passed the motion to end delocalisation. Some amendments were also made to guide teacher recruitment and deployment exercise.

TSC was ordered to review its teacher recruitment policy so that the employment of teachers t start at zonal level.

“Review the teacher recruitment policy with a view to devolving it to zonal level as the point of recruitment,” read the motion.

The Commission was also ordered to initiate a comprehensive review of the teacher deployment policy with involvement of teacher in order to make the policy consistent with International Labour Organization (ILO) and UNESCO laws and practices on teacher management and deployment.

The House ordered TSC to immediately reverse the ongoing delocalization of teachers.

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