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8 Genuine ways of making money online in Kenya 2021

It makes no sense when the rate of unemployment in Kenya is increasing,  yet one can genuinely make money online. The internet has opened up new opportunities all you need is to do is identify what you can do comfortably and bring out the best from it. Here is a list of easiest ways of making money online:

There are many ways of making clean money online in Kenya. Here are some of the ways:

1.  Domain Buying and selling

It is sometimes called domain flipping. It entails an art of buying domains and selling them at a profit.

A domain is simply a URL of a website like www.jambonews.co.ke. It works by buying a domain and keeping them in the hope that someone will buy it someday.

2.  Niche Websites

This one entails setting up a website that strictly focuses on one specific idea.

You first focus on generating enough traffic and then link your website to Google AdSense or focus on affiliate marketing and start making money.

A website with enough traffic will make not less than $1000.

3. Vlogging

This one involves signing up a YouTube channel and monetizing it. Here you must work on your content that will attract people. In addition to good content your video editing skills must be amazing for you to rock in this.

You tube will pay you through ads that run in your channel.

4. Blogging

Here you just create a blog and write about issues that you are passionate about, generate enough traffic and then start earning money through Google AdSense.

The good thing is that with Blogging you can also make money by marketing other people’s products which is what we basically call affiliate marketing.

5. Freelancing

This is one of the most common way of making money online. Most popular freelancing jobs include writing (article, academic or ghostwriting) and transcribing.

6. Kindle publishing

This is one of easiest way of making money online in Kenya. It involves selling books on Amazon. The Kindle Direct Publishing is a unit run by Amazon.

If you are a writer, you can write your own book and sell millions of copies on Amazon.

7. Creating Courses

You can turn your talent into money by creating courses and having people enroll at a small fee.

Among the courses you can start include cooking, fashion, tutoring and gym instructor.

8. Affiliate marketing.

With affiliate marketing, companies can market their products and services through you. All you have to do is approach these companies and convince them that you can help them reach so many people all at once through your social media such as Facebook,Twitter and Instagram.

What you need to have is a convincing number of followers and companies will give in to your request.

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