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5 Crucial things to know before securing a job with Teacher Service Commission

Teaching profession used to be a coveted career few years ago, but currently its the most devastating and usually taken as the last option.

The profession has changed greatly with many changes unfavourable for the teacher. Much freedom that, they used to enjoy has been limited in a big margin.

Any enthusiastic person who wants to join this profession, must know the following few facts as far as teaching is concerned;

1. Explore other opportunities first

Teaching in Kenya is a very stressful career that should be given the last priority. Imagine working the whole day from 8am to 5pm everyday and at the end month you are expecting less than 40k. Before settling for teaching, explore all possible business opportunities and build your own empire.

2. Advantageous Bootlicking

I’ve seen many people prospering through being submissive to their bosses. As a teacher remember the only thing you depend on is your salary. Although in a school setting there are unlimited opportunities that can elevate ones life, most of them are preserved for those who act subserviently.

Though its not easy and unprofessional to stoop too low, sometimes it good since you can change your economic state of living. Think about owning a school canteen, supplying cereals and other essentials to school. All these opportunities are meant for those who dance to the tune of administration.

However, before you think of becoming the puppet of administration, its good to keep in mind that you’ll create many enemies. It is also worth noting to remember that you must be ready to act as a spy to your bosses.

3. Truth about a male teacher in Girl-School

Once a male teacher secures a TSC job in a girl school, the first thing you should do is to marry immediately. Research done by jambonew has revealed that most male teachers in a girl school marry at their 30s. There is no convincing reason as to why they take long but the truth is that if you don’t marry immediately you are like to take long.

Taking long to walk down the aisle is dangerous and can impact negatively not only your teaching career but also your social life. Above all, always keep a professional distance between you and learners.

4. Before you take a loan think twice

Undeniable truth is that the first loan you take will decide whether you’ll lead a poverty life or an affluent one. This therefore calls for sobriety before you take any loan. It is unwise to take loan in a bid to buy a car, unless it is meant for business.

Once you decide to take a loan, invest prudently because a slight mistake will make you to pay painfully for your entire life.

5. Mind your mode of punishment

A school is a centre of transforming young boys and girls to dependable people in future. Nowadays this is not true because, a teacher has been limited, any mode of punishment is taken as a psychological torture to learners.

The ministry has given learners unnecessary freedom on a pretext that its their rights. What’s annoying most is that learners also know very well that corporal punishment is illegal. The key thing here is that before you decide on how to punish a learner, always remember that consequences are unbearable on the side of the teacher.


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