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10 Best Business Ideas With A Probox Vehicle In 2020

Although fairly priced, the probox vehicle has become one of the many sources of booming businesses in Kenya and in other parts of the world. The Corona virus pandemic has pushed more and more people out of their comfort zones, including businesses. With this, some people opted to resort to turning their probox vehicles to money-making machines. If you are looking to start a business using a probox vehicle, below are 10 ideas for you:

1. Eggs

Selling eggs on the rear of a probox is one of the profitable businesses ever. You can easily move from town to town, selling your eggs either at retail or wholesale rates.


All you need to do is keep your fruits neatly in racks then fit them at the boot of your probox. Go ahead and find a nice place where people frequent then park your car and sell your fruits.

3. Vegetables

The secret here is to try as much as possible to keep your vegetables fresh. Go ahead and sell produce such as kales, cabbage, dhania, tomatoes and onions.

4. Cereals

All you have to do is put your cereals in bags, add measuring cans in each one of them then hit the road. After finding a busy spot, park there and sell. Repeat until all the bags are empty.

5. Raw chicken pieces

People love chicken. When you give them the convenience of finding this without having to go far, they will buy from you. Just make sure that your chicken is of good quality, fresh and fairly priced.

6. Home appliances

Someone somewhere broke or spoiled something in their home, be it a shower head, light fixtures, taps or wall art hangings. When they see you selling these, they will buy them and more.

7. Home Décor pieces

These days, people have stayed in their homes for long enough to the point that they realize that their spaces are boring and they need some loving. Pieces like throw pillows, wall art, candle holders and entryway rags have become staples in homes.

8. Kitchenware

Mothers and women alike love shopping for kitchenware. As a matter of fact, I am yet to meet a woman who claims to have enough kitchenware. When you sell pieces like cooking pans, plates, cups, trays and spoons, you will never go to bed hungry.

9. Food Delivery

If you are talented in the throw down sector, consider preparing delicious meals then price and deliver them at different estates in your town. You will end up having returning clients and new ones.

10. Bedding

Since many people are spending time at home, they need new bed pieces every now and then. Such include mattress covers, bed sheets, mosquito nets, blankets, duvets and pillow covers. Consider this to be one profitable business.

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