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Best International Schools in Kenya their Curriculum, Yearly Fees, and Entry Age

There are good number of International schools in Kenya that provide quality education. Here is a list of best international schools located in Nairobi;



International school of kenyaInternational,America4 to 82,951,792
RosslynInternational, Christian4 to 18Not made public
GEMS Cmbridge international schoolNairobiBritish2 to 181,467,229
Brookhurst InternationalSchoolBritish, Christian8 to 18435,000
Peponi HouseBritish, Christian6 to 13Not made public
Hilcrest International SchoolInternational,British2 to 181,708,650
Oshwal Academy NairobiBritish2 to 18134,000
Woodland Star International SchoolInternational2 to 141,290,280
Kabete International SchoolBritish2 to 6480,000
Sabis International School RundaInternational 3 to 113 to 11Not made public
Braeburn SchoolBritish3 to 181,420,500
Lycee Denis DiderotFrench,International3 to 18781,256
Brookhouse SchoolBritish3 to 181,740,000
The Nairobi AcademyBritish2 to 18471,000
Cavina SchoolBritish2 to 13699,000
German School NairobiGerman3 to 181,377,252
Braeside SchoolBritish2to 18812,400
Nairobi InternationalSchoolBritish2 to 18694,500
Light International SchoolBritish3 to 18712,000
The Netherlands School Society NairobiDutch, International2 to 12477,759
Braeburn Garden Estate SchoolInternational, British2 to 181,420,500
St Mary’s School NairobiInternational Catholic6 to 18Not made public
STEM International SchoolAmerica,Christian3 to 18610,000
Peponi SchoolBritish13 to 182,090,025
West Nairobi SchooAmerican,Christian4 to 18Not made public
Kenton College Preparatory SchoolBritish6 to 131,725,000
Rusinga SchoolBritish2to 18784,500
The Banda SchoolBritish2 to 131,755,00
The Agha Khan Academy, NairobiInternational2 to 18705,000

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