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How To Register for SHIF Kenya Via Online, USSD Code, Huduma Centre

The Ministry of Health has announced that the nationwide registration for the Social Health Insurance (SHI) Fund will commence on July 1. This initiative aims to streamline access to healthcare services and enhance efficiency within the health sector.

During a press briefing on the SHI rollout progress, Health Cabinet Secretary Susan Nakhumicha stated that individuals could register using multiple methods: dialing the USSD code *147#, logging into the website www.sha.go.ke, or visiting designated National Health Insurance Funds (NHIF) Offices and other registration points for self-registration. The ministry has assured the public that the registration process will be free of charge, and community health promoters will be available to assist those who need help.

“In preparation for the rollout of the Social Health Insurance and its benefits, I hereby announce that registration shall commence from 1st July 2024,” stated Nakhumicha. She emphasized the availability of various registration methods to ensure the process is accessible to everyone. “This will be conducted countrywide through self-registration using a USSD *147# or www.sha.go.ke, assisted registration by Community Health Promoters, visiting the NHIF Offices, and other registration points as the SHA board will designate. Please note that registration is free,” she added.

Nakhumicha highlighted that the digital nature of the SHI would be crucial in eliminating fraud and corruption, especially in claims management and the registration and identification of beneficiaries at the point of access to healthcare services. She pointed out that corruption has been a significant issue, particularly in claims management, where there have been instances of fictitious claims.

To address these issues, the SHI will implement a centralized digital platform. According to the CS, this platform will be critical in providing various services, including registration, contribution management, the benefits package, empanelment, and claims management. This digital approach is expected to enhance efficiency and reduce opportunities for corruption and fraud.

“In light of the millions of public funds lost through fictitious claims, as evidenced above, digitization of processes of the Social Health Authority, including claims management as provided for under the Social Health Insurance Act, must be guaranteed,” Nakhumicha stated. She affirmed that the use of a centralized digital platform would be a significant step towards achieving this goal.

The ministry is taking these steps to ensure that the SHI system is robust and capable of serving the public effectively. By digitizing the processes and implementing stringent measures for claims management, the ministry aims to protect public funds and ensure that resources are used appropriately to benefit the healthcare system.

Nakhumicha also noted that the SHI rollout would involve community health promoters to assist individuals in the registration process. This support is crucial to ensure that everyone, including those in remote areas, can register and benefit from the SHI. The ministry is committed to making the registration process as smooth and accessible as possible for all citizens.

In summary, the Ministry of Health’s announcement regarding the commencement of nationwide registration for the Social Health Insurance Fund marks a significant step towards improving healthcare access and efficiency in Kenya. By leveraging digital technology and involving community health promoters, the ministry aims to eliminate fraud and corruption, ensuring that the SHI system operates effectively and benefits all Kenyans. The registration process, set to begin on July 1, 2024, will be free of charge and accessible through various methods, reflecting the ministry’s commitment to inclusivity and transparency in healthcare services.

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