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Wajir High School location, contacts, KCSE results, Knec code, form one selection

Wajir High school is a boys only public national boarding secondary school located in Wajir county, Kenya. The school was founded in the year 1966. It was under the leadership of the then principal H.A. Marhard. The school has since grown to be one of the best secondary schools in the North Eastern region of Kenya. The school has for the longest time, been the one that produces almost half of the students in North Eastern who get to qualify for university education every year. The school also prides itself with being the most established secondary school in Wajir county.
The school recently started performing poorly unlike how they had set the pace earlier on. However, all this is as a result of many exterior factors, the major one being insecurity in the region. Due to this, there has been an effort by both the government and the locals to try revive the good old name of the school. This has been done by activities such as improvement of the boarding facilities by buying 650 beds and mattresses for the students, erecting street lighting between the dormitories so as to improve the security within the boarding section of the students, renovating the wells of the school so as to increase water supply, improving on the general hygiene and renovating the staff quarters.

School motto; Strive to excel.

Notable alumni of the school include Ali Roba who is the Governor of Mandera county and Abdihafid Yarrow, who is the former Deputy Governor of Wajir and the current Chief Executive Commissioner of Water to mention a few.

Wajir High School location;
Wajir High School is located in Wajir town in Bute location, Wajir county, Kenya.
Wajir High School KCSE performance;
The school is known for doing so well in both local and national examinations. The school usually appears among the top 10 in the county when KCSE results are released. The current principal, Mr. Kassim, has made an effort to improve the KCSE performance of the students over the years. He managed to help boost KCSE results mean score from D+ to C+ last year.

Wajir High School Form one selection;
Here, form one selection is usually done via academic merit in regards to KCPE examinations. The students who have high results and selected the school as the first choice are given higher priority than others.The students are also selected on need basis where the financial background of the parents is put into consideration.

Wajir High School Contacts;
School’s KNEC code; 46802101.
School’s postal address; P.O. Box 29- 70200, Wajir, Kenya.
Telephone/ mobile number; 046 421061

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