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Murang’a High school location, contacts, physical address, form one selection, Kcse results

This is a national boys only public boarding secondary school. It is commonly referred to as ‘Muhae high school’. The school is sponsored by the Catholic Church and it was started in the year 1964 as a day school and was elevated to a national school in the year 2014.

School mission; To inculnate and nurture exceptional and desirable knowledge, values, attitudes and skills capable of making an all- rounded person.

School vision; To be a centre of excellence in academic performance and discipline in the country.

School motto; Discipline, order, determination [DOD].

Murang’a High School location;
Murang’a high school is located off the Murang’a- Sabasaba road in Township location, Kiharu constituency, Murang’a county.

Murang’a High School KCSE performance;
During 2018’s KCSE results release, Murang’a High school emerged the top performer in the county and 31st nationally with a mean score of 8.47. The school has always been known as an academic giant not only in the county but also in the entire country. In the year 2013, the school achieved a mean score of 10.59 in its KCSE exam results. That was a whooping A- mean score. The school has also set a record of a huge number of students getting Aplain in KCSE. Some of the famous alumni from the school are Mr. Christopher Maina, who is a cardiologist at Kenyatta National Hospital, Hon. Kembi Gitura who was the first senator of Murang’a county and Dr. James Gicheru of Mt. Kenya University.

Murang’a High School Form one selection;
Here, form one selection is usually done via academic merit in regards to KCPE examinations. The students who have high results and selected the school as the first choice are given higher priority than others.
Murang’a High School Contacts;

School’s KNEC code; 10200008
School’s postal address; P.O. Box 101- 10200, Murang’a .
Telephone/ mobime number; +254-060-33010 or 0724167580 .
Email; info@murang’ahigh.com

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