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22 Profitable Business ideas for campus students in Kenya 2021

Being in college does not hinder you from starting you own business and make a living from it.

Thousands of students are living large by making good money through small lucrative businesses.

In this era of technological advancement and internet being used widely and extensively, then owning a lucrative business has been made less stressful.

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Here are 20 business ideas for campus students who are interested in making money while studying;

1. Forex trading

Although trading currencies online could be a risky venture, it is a rewarding online business. It requires one to have good analytic skills and you have sound knowledge on cash flow and the exchange market, you can do well as a forex trader. The beat way to go about it is by getting more information on trading platforms and tutorials to learn how to become a professional forex trader.

2. Freelance writing jobs

This is one of the best way of comfortably making money as a campus student. All you need to know is know best online writing jobs and venture into them fully. If you are a skillful and creative writer, check out here best online writing sites where you will earn handsomely.

3. Retailing of hair extension and hair care products

Any business that is geared towards ladies tend to thrive well. This is because women tend to spend more time on shopping as compared to men. As a campus student if you are looking for a good business, thing about hair extension services and hair care products. You can move from one hostel to another to market your business and at the end of the day you won’t go home empty handed.

4. Start M-pesa shop

This might be seem to be very competitive, but the truth of matter is that you’ll make a coin. Mpesa business thrive well when population is densely and in campus there are many people who will provide ready market. Step forward and make an extra coin as you continue with your studies.

5. Sale cakes

If you are good in baking cakes then this will be a profitable venture for you. The good thing with this business the market is readily available. Aside from the fact that you can retail your cakes yourself, you can also source for weddings, birthdays and special anniversaries to market your cake.

6. Start Fast food cafe

Due to beehive of activities in campus, most students don’t get opportunity to cook in their hostels. This will automatically give you an a golden chance to start food cafe that will comfortably earn you a living. At any given time, this type of business will get ready market.

7. Open a Barber shop

This is another business that is highly thriving on campus. If you know that you are skilful when it comes to hair cut, then you can spare time in the evening or weekends and make good money.

8. Open a Saloon shop

Though this business is time consuming, its undoubtedly one of highly thriving and most business a female student can start. All one need to do is balance between academics and this lucrative business.

9. Retail of music and video

Retailing of music and video is a lucrative business opportunity that a campus student should think of starting. So as to stay competitive in this business you must do more research and know about the new music and movies in the market. This will make you to be at the top of your game.

10. Open a cyber cafe

We are living in a digital world and people want to get more information. In campus students and lectures are doing more research and the only way they can achieve this by using an internet. A cyber cafe will be an essential unit that will act as a source of knowledge to those who want to to know. This makes a cyber cafe as most profitable and highly thriving business opportunity.

11. Photocopy shop

Where teaching and learning is taking place, photocopy services are paramount and mandatory. As a student starting a photocopy shop will be the best business idea.

12. Tutor services
A college student can conveniently start home tutor services during his or her holidays especially if they have flair for teaching and imparting knowledge. Parents engage teachers to teach their children at home hence there is need for the services of teachers. So if you are good at teaching, then you should consider starting home tutor services during your holidays.

13. Offer web designing services

This is another thriving and lucrative business idea a college student can start. If you know how to design website, you should not restrict the marketing of your website design services to people you can see and visit within your location. There is a large market within the online community waiting to be tapped.

14. Repair of computers and phones

At least every student in university has a a phone and majority of them own phones. And therefore as a serious student, its good to go out of your way and acquire technical skills on how to repair damaged computers or laptops. Jobs involving technical skills pay handsomely and most people don’t go for them.

15. Blogging

This involves disseminating essential information to the general public through online platforms. One can do this through either a blog or WordPress. If you are gifted with the art of writing then this is your field. Thousands of university students are making a clean living through blogging. If you want to start blogging click here learn how to start your own blog and make a living from it.

16. Open a boutique

Campus students love looking stunning and trendy. As a student then this is a good opportunity to start a business that will have ready market
All that is required to put this type of business is a store that is well positioned and get enough money to stock your boutique with different types, colors, shapes and designs of clothes and fashion accessories from different clothing labels / designers. After doing this, money will continuously start trickling in.

17. Become a social media expert and manager

As a college student if you have time and you are good with various social media platforms, then you can start an online business that deals with managing social media accounts for several busy business executives, politicians, government officials, pastors, celebrities and public figures. First you must maintain a certain level of professionalism, before you are hired yo offer this service.

18. Retailing of bedsheets, pillows and duvets.

As a college student this is a thriving business opportunity that you can comfortably combine with your studies. This business can be done by visiting various hostels within your campus and ultimately you will make good cash.

19. Offer graphic services

If you are a campus student and you’ve pretty nice skills in graphics, then this will be the best venture for you. There are a lot of people who are looking for professional graphic artist and sign amazing contract with them. All you need to do is be proactive and aggressive in marketing your services.

20. Selling Customized Greeting cards and Flowers (Bouquet)

As a student this is one of the best business opportunity you can grab and make a living from it. People celebrate birthdays on campus hence there will always be a market for customized greeting cards and bouquet (flowers). During seasons like valentine Customized greeting card are always in high demand thus its good to bank on such celebrations and sell your customized cards.

21. Video Gaming
Gaming is fast becoming a popular pass-time activity in Kenya and the good thing is that you don’t need to market this business. All you need to do is get a strategic location and everything will be OK.

22. Start a pool center

One very important thing with pool game is that its extremely addictive. This is a guarantee that people will be visiting your business now and then. As a student grab this opportunity and make a living from it.


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