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How to make money online in Kenya; Online sites to make money

To earn money online in Kenya is no longer a matter of doubt. All you need is your laptop or a desktop and from the comfort of your home you can make a living.

Here is a list of sites you can use and successfully make an online living.

1. iWriter

This is one of the best site for making money. It has high rejection rates therefore it means that if you want to make money through this site you must be an excellent writer. You can earn up to $80 per 500 words once promoted up the ranks.

2. Fiverr

This is one site where you can freelance literally anything for 5 dollars. Whether you want to write an article, dance dressed up as a hotdog or record yourself reading out someone’s poem in a nice voice, you can do it in Fiverr. If you market your gig well, you’ll find yourself laughing all the way to the bank.

3.  Freelancer

This is a site where you can easily get your first job, though it’s nowadays very greedy and low paying. The average pay here is $2 per 500 words for a freelance writer, which is a total joke.

The main advantage with this site is the fact that getting a project is easy as long as you follow stipulated steps.

4. Upwork

This is currently the best and most professional freelancing website. It has lots of jobs and very professional clients. It pays very well. Writers here earn from $5 per 500 words, all the way to even $100 plus.

5. Homework Market

Homework Market  connects students with tutors that can help them do their homework. It’s simple and fun. Here you can answer questions depending on your area of specialization.



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