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Video Of Students Being Fumigated Fumes Netizens

A video doing rounds in social media showing school girls being fumigated ostensibly to sanitise them, has sparked uproar.

Although Jambo News could not ascertain the exact location of the incident, a keen scrutiny at the video reveals that the girls are being sprayed using a Knapsack Sprayer pump, commonly used to control parasites and diseases in animals.

The incident took place in unknown school and it has received tremendous criticism with members of the public describing it as inhumane.

Here are some of the reactions;

“This is very unsustainable. It will be done perhaps once; worse, given Kenyan corruption, you may find that the ratios of the mixture raise many questions than answers! Just for the optics! Sad,” said Wycliffe Nduga

“What kind of nonsense is this? it’s like spraying humans with pesticides,” said Jimalo.

Fumigation of learners was never mentioned as one of the Covid-19 containment measures. According to the ministry of education guidelines, teachers and learners/trainees were directed to use face masks while in classrooms or in other learning facilities.

The guidelines further require that teachers shall ensure all learners/trainees observe hygiene through hand washing using soap and water before entering classrooms and other tuition facilities.

While monitoring resumption of learning in schools in Nairobi county, education cabinet secretary, professor George Magoha exuded confidence in the manner in which schools were readmitting learners.

The CS directed heads of institutions to come up with a list of learners with underlying health condition so as attention can be given to them.

He said: “I urge Principals and teachers to compile a list of learners with pre-existing conditions, for example children with asthma, so that necessary attention can be given to them.”

In a bid to cushion parents in the wake of unfavourable economic condition owing to Covid-19 effect, Magoha cautioned school principals against sending learners home on the pretext of unpaid school fees.

“No child should be sent home on account of school fees, both in the private and public sector,” stated Magoha.


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