Students joining sub county schools to receive admission letters next week

Students who were placed in National, Extra County, and County schools have already received their admission letters. The ministry directed parents to liaise with schools administration in order to ensure smooth adminstration to the school.

“Urgently get in touch with your new principal at the above school for admission requirements,” reads (in part) the 2019 form one admission letter from the Ministry.

However students who were manually selected to join sub county schools will receive their admission letters next week. The selection exercise for students set to join sub county schools took place in most parts of the country on Friday 7th.

The exercise was manually done with schools selecting the kids from the manual results print outs from the Ministry.

After selection, the admission letters written at school level, will be submitted to the Sub- County Directors of Education for distribution. The kids are expected to receive their admission letters by next week for adequate preparations towards joining form one, next year.

School fee

Principals of schools have been warned not to charge extra levies. Parents have been advised to pay what is indicated on the admission letter.

Students who are expected to join National schools Category A will pay a yearly fee of Kshs 53,554 and the government will top it up to Kshs 75, 598 by adding Kshs 22,244.

Parents whose students have been admitted to National schools category B will pay Kshs. 40,535 and the government will top it up to Kshs 62,779 by adding Kshs 22,224.

Students admitted to special needs secondary school will pay Kshs 12,790 while the government will add Kshs 57,974. This will make the total to be Kshs 70,764 per student.

Students joining day schools are not expected to pay only lunch and also cater for essential needs like uniforms.