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Shock as Most Parents Ditch CBC For International Curriculum

The move by most parents to enroll their children in International curriculum has raised eyebrows in the relevance of Competence Based Curriculum.

According to the report by the Nation on Saturday, thousands of Kenyans have withdrawn their children from the competency-based curriculum (CBC) and enrolled them in schools offering international syllabus.

For many years International schools have been a preserve of the super wealthy, but now it seems the trend is changing.

More parents have made the move seeking to cushion their children from teething problems of the new system.

The report by Saturday Nation further reveals that many of the schools that previously offered only the national curriculum now run international syllabus classes side-by-side, with the British National Curriculum (BNC) being the most preferred.

Some said CBC way was not an option. There are too many grey areas that may take time to get sorted out.

The first cohort of CBC – Grade Six graduands – is to join junior secondary next year, marking a milestone in the implementation of the system.


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