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Services Offered By KNEC

Kenya national Examination Council is an independent body that is mandated by the government to man, the process of coming up with quality national examinations.

In addition to this, in collaboration with other other bodies like TSC and security department, the council oversees invigilation, supervision, marking, standardisation and release of these exams.

In this write up, our focus will be on services offered by KNEC:

1. Registration of examination centres

It is the responsibility of KNEC to register new examination centres.

It is important to note that the minimum candidature that an examination centre is allowed to present for the various examinations is:

    • KCPE and KCSE – fifteen (15) candidates.
    • Business, Technical and Teacher Education – ten (10) candidates.
    • Foreign Examinations – fifteen (15) candidates.

2. Registration of candidates

This is another crucial responsibility of the council. Each centre presenting candidates for examination must ensure that they have been registered within stipulated timelines.

3. Results Confirmation, Certification & Equation Services

KNEC is tasked with the responsibility of confirming results, certification and ensuring the exam is standardised.

4. Release of examinations results

Once marking of examination papers is concluded, exam is analysed, standardised then released. The exercise of releasing both KCPE and KCSE is led by Education cabinet secretary.

5. Handling of candidates with special needs

The council ensures that candidates with special needs are catered for before, during and after the examination.

For instance, while preparing examination papers, KNEC produces both large prints and braille for visually impaired and blind candidates respectively.

Furthermore, candidates who are totally blind and deaf are given an addition of 30 minutes on top of normal time duration of exam papers.

6. Recruitment and deployment of personnel involved in the conduct of examinations

All professional that are involved in the exercise of conducting examination are contracted by KNEC. These professionals include; Centre managers, Supervisors, Invigilators, Examiners, Drivers and Security Personnel.

For examiners, they are required to apply and receive invitation letters via KNEC cp2.knec.ac.ke.

7. Handling Of Queries

KNEC is also obligated to respond to different types of queries arising pertaining the whole exercise of examination.

8. Staff Retirement Benefit Scheme

Staff who work with KNEC have a retirement scheme.

To read more about more about this retirement scheme click here.

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