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Revised KNEC ECDE Certificate, Diploma, Proficiency Examination Timetables 2020

The Kenya National Examination Examination Council (KNEC) has released Certificate, diploma and proficiency in Early Childhood Development Examination 2020 timetable.

According to the just released timetable, the rehearsal day has been slated for Monday 19th October, 2020.

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For certificate examination, on the first  day (Wednesday 21st October, 2020), candidates will tackle two papers; English and Kiswahili. Each paper will take 1 hour 30 minutes and candidates will be given 15 mins break between the two papers.

Candidates will sit for Curriculum and Methodology and Curriculum Activities on the last day (Friday 23rd October) of 2020 exam.

KNEC ECDE-CERTIFICATE  Examination Timetable 2020

Download (PDF, 162KB)

KNEC ECDE-DIPLOMA Examination Timetable 2020

Download (PDF, 130KB)

KNEC ECDE Proficiency Certificate Exam timetable 2020

Download (PDF, 123KB)

The time allowed for each paper is indicated against the name of the paper and NO EXTRA TIME IS TO BE ALLOWED. In case of any discrepancy, the time stated on the question paper must be taken as correct.

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Visually challenged candidates will NOT be given extra time other than what is stated on their respective papers. Any time allocated to reading through questions, studying maps etc, is included in the total time shown, except when special paper instructions indicate otherwise.

Important notice

  • Your attention is drawn to the regulations governing the conduct of candidates on the back page.
  • Supervisors and invigilators MUST ensure that candidates have written their names and index numbers on their answer scripts before they take the scripts from the candidates.
  • Trainers should ensure that the candidates take note of the instructions given at the back and are aware of the penalties for irregularities or misconduct.


  1.  You are not allowed to leave the examination room before the end of the period allocated to the paper except with special permission from the supervisor. NO CANDIDATE SO PERMITTED TO LEAVE MAY TAKE QUESTION PAPERS OUT OF THE EXAMINATION ROOM.
  2. Do not leave a sheet of paper you have written on or your answer in such a position that another candidate can read them. You should not give or obtain unfair assistance, or attempt to do so, whether by copying or in any form and your work should not show proof of such unfair assistance.
  3. No communication whatsoever in whatever manner between candidates or with outsiders is allowed during the examination.
  4. You are not allowed to have in your possession or in your proximity while in the examination room, any books, notes, papers or any other materials whatsoever except the correct question papers and any materials expressly authorized by the Kenya National Examinations Council.
  5. You may only use mathematical tables printed by the Kenya National Examinations Council, and these should not contain any additional notes except the printed information. If you are using a calculator as permitted by the Regulations, it should be the specified non programmable calculator. If in doubt, check with the supervisor.
  6. You must return immediately to the supervisor any question paper that has smudges or has errors or is badly printed.
  7. You must not take any used or unused writing papers out of the examination room. Any rough work must be done on the official answer papers and, if not to be submitted with the answers, must be left on the desk to be collected by the supervisor and destroyed.
  8. Any misconduct or causing of disturbance in or near the examination room will be treated as an examination irregularity.
  9. Cell phones or any other electronic communication device are prohibited in examination centres. Any candidate caught in possession of a cell phone/any other electronic device will have his/her results cancelled.

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