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Registration Of Candidates For The 2020 KCPE and KCSE; KNEC Guidelines and Deadline

 The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) wishes to bring to your attention the following information as regards the registration of 2020 KCPE, KCSE and KCSE Qualifying Test Examinations

Kcse And Kcpe 2020 Registration Deadline

The registration of candidates for the 2020 KCPE, KCSE and KCSE QT examinations will start from 2nd January 2020 and end on 15th February, 2020.  

Any school that has between 6 and 14 candidates will be hosted by another centre to be determined by the Sub County Director of Education. The information on such schools should be submitted to KNEC together with the registration documents.

The hosted school will retain its code during registration of candidates. Schools with less than six (6) candidates are advised to register their candidates in an approved examination centre within the same Sub County.

Heads of Institutions and Sub County Education Officers are required to log onto the KNEC website: www.knec-portal.ac.ke for capturing of the registration details of the candidates and uploading of coloured passport size photographs (300x300pixels) using the examination centre registration password for KCPE PRIVATE Candidates and KCSE Candidates.

All Heads of Institutions are reminded to ensure that candidates are registered where they have been learning in class seven (7) for primary schools and form three (3) for secondary schools respectively. Please note that double registration of candidates constitutes an examination malpractice which is punishable by law.  

Indexing for KCSE And KCPE 2020 Candidates

All candidates for both KCPE and KCSE examinations will be issued with an INDEX NUMBER as per the ADMISSION LIST. The indexing of candidates will follow the County Code, Sub County Code, School Code and the last three digits will be as per the listing in the admission Register.

For example in centre 11205101, the first candidate in the admission register will be 11205101001, followed by the second candidates which will be 11205101002 and so on.

New Examination Centres for KCPE and KCSE 2020 Candidates

New schools wishing to be considered for 2020 KCPE and KCSE examination centers ought to have submitted their registration documents by 30th August, 2019 as per our circular KNEC/GEN/CS/PRO/CIR/AUG/2019/02/REV 7.0 dated 31st July 2019.

KNEC will not consider registration of NEW EXAMINATION CENTRES for 2020 KCPE and KCSE examinations once the registration of candidates commences on 2nd January 2020. NB: Those schools which submitted expired registration certificates will not be considered for 2020 KCPE and KCSE registration. They are advised to register their candidates in other examination centers.

All Heads of Institutions are directed to ensure accuracy in the following when registering candidates;

  • Correct order of candidates names as per the birth certificate
  • Gender;
  • Year of Birth;
  • Subjects entered for each examination;
  •  Information on different categories of candidates with Special Needs (i.e. Braille, Low Vision, Deaf);

All schools and private candidates shall be expected to adhere to entry requirements and pay the required examination fees as stipulated in the registration instructions for registration of candidates for the KCPE and KCSE examinations as stipulated in the regulations and Examination Manual for each examination printed and circulated in 2017


All private candidates shall be identified and registered by the Sub County Director of Education

Sub County Directors of Education are informed to identify one public school where the private candidates will be hosted during the examination. This will be the centre where the candidates will undertake their projects and sit for the practical examinations.


All non formal centers for the KCPE examination shall be expected to register their candidates with the Sub County Education offices and upload candidatesphotographs online. No hard copies of photographs should be submitted to KNEC 

All candidates registering examinations in Prisons must have individual passport size photograph uploaded online


All documents for the registration of candidates are to be downloaded Audio from the KNEC website – www.knec.ac.ke  

The Kenya National Examinations Council shall not send hard copy documents for registration of candidates for the 2020 KCPE and KCSE Examinations.


The government of Kenya shall pay examination fees for all candidates in Public and Private schools except for the following: 

  1. candidates who are re-sitting/repeaters; 
  2. Non-citizens;  
  3. Candidates in Prison; 
  4. Candidates registering in the Sub County Private Examination Centers;

All private candidates will be expected to pay their examination fees directly to the KNEC fees collection accounts. The deposit slips should be submitted to the Sub County Director of Education who will be expected to forward to KNEC together with other registration documents.  

The fees should be deposited in the KNEC fees collection accounts in either National Bank, Kenya Commercial Bank, Co-operative Bank or Equity Bank for each examination. 


Passwords are confidential to each school and should be secured by the heads of Institutions. In the event that a school has lost/forgotten its password, the head of Institution should contact the Sub County Director of Education who will send an email to KNEC (em@knec.ac.ke) for recovery.  

All new centres once approved and uploaded on the website shall access the registration platform by keying in their centre code as both the user name and password. Heads of Institutions are advised to change the password from the centre code to a password of their choice to maintain confidentiality 

Heads of institutions and Sub County Directors of Education are advised to safeguard their passwords to restrict access of the schools registration data by unauthorized persons


All candidates will be registered at the County Director of Education office. The KCSE Qualifying Test registration fee is Kes. 3000/= (three thousand) per candidate

All the registered candidates will be hosted at the County Director of Education headquarters during the administration of the examination 

Heads of institutions shall be required to ensure that all candidates with foreign certificates are equated and registered for Qualifying Test a year before they are due to register for KCSE examination

Documents required for the KCSE Qualifying Test registration. 

  1. A copy of original CPE certificate;  
  2. Copy of letter of Equation from KNEC for all candidates holding a foreign primary education certificate. Please note that the equation letter is obtained from the KNEC Archives office at New Mitihani House South C, Mombasa Road;  
  3. A passport size photograph in a CD (300 x 300pixels); 
  4. Bank deposit slip of Kes. 3,000/= per candidate; 


There will be no late registration and transfer of candidates after closure of registration.


All heads of institutions are directed to ensure all candidates registration details are captured correctly and every candidate has confirmed the same and signed the nominal roll.


The Sub County Directors of Education will be informed on when to submit to KNEC all registration documents from the schools and private candidates

 For details on registration of KCPE and KCSE candidates you are advised to refer to the KNEC instructions manual (A User guide for the Management of Examinations); First Edition, 2017

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