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Ministry instructs school principals to edit joining instructions for 2020 form ones’ admission letters

This year all the schools are required to make changes of their previous letters through an online tool to reflect joining instructions for the year 2020

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The ministry has directed each county director to inform all the schools principals in the respective county the following guidelines.

  1.  Use the link below to check whether your joining instructions are in the systemhttps://script.google.com/macros/s/AKfycbyl jTGaCo6k9uFMDCMJO-F iNh331ZJRGRaYnnQISZTAIQQiPe/exec
  2. Select County and Sub-County of your School, then Select your School
  3. If the system prompts you to sign in, use your school email address (Gmail Account)
  4. If your letter is in the system, edit the information to the new changes for joining instructions 2020.

In addition the principals have been cautioned not to change details of the first page apart from the year.

“Do not edit the first page apart from changing the year to 2020,” read part of the instructions.

In case the schools joining instructions is missing, the system will prompt the principal to upload the instructions in the system from your computer.

The principal should use the following instructions to submit the joining instructions.

  1. An example of the first page is as the attached copy (school logo/address on the first page only)
  2. The letter should be in MSWord format.
  3. The letter should be submitted as one document only
  4. The document should be named using KNEC code (e.g. Meru School save as 15300002

Further assistance

In case the principal experience any challenges, they are requested to contact the following numbers; Kibet 0722348151, Aboka 0722858070, Patrick 0722823971

Meanwhile the principals are requested to provide all their schools email addresses preferably Gmail to the county directors for compilation and forwarded to matthewsaboka60@gmail.com

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