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Meru Teachers’ Training college location, fee structure, intakes, courses offered, students portal, accomodation and contacts

Meru Teachers’ Training College is an institution located in Meru, Kenya.

Meru TTC Location;

This institution is located along the Meru- Maua road in Meru, Kenya.

Meru TTC Fee structure;

Here, each course offered has its own specific fee. That means that fees vary depending on course chosen and the length of study. For more information, contact the administration office.

Meru TTC Intakes;

Meru TTC has intakes at least twice a year. Feel free to contact the administration for more information.

Meru TTC Courses offered;

Here is a list of courses offered at Meru Teachers Training College

1.Primary Teacher Education certificate (P1)
2.Proficiency in Early Childhood development.
3.Certificate in Mathematics (Mathematics)
4.Certificate in Kiswahili (Kiswahili).
5.Diploma in Education Science (Science).
6.Diploma in Education Arts (Arts)
7.Diploma in Education Science and Arts (Science and Arts).
8.Diploma in Education Computer Science (Computer Science).
9.Diploma in Education and counselling (Education and counselling)
10.Diploma in Educational and Administration (Educational and administration)
11.Diploma in Education planning (Education planning)
12.Diploma in Education Guidance and Counselling (Guidance and Counselling).


Meru TTC Students portal;

Upon admission, each student is given a specific student portal log in for themselves. Here, they can be able to check for updates on whatever may come up or change. They also get to use it to check for the units they are taking in a particular semester.

Meru TTC Hostels and Accommodation;

Usually, the institution provides hostels for students to stay in at a small fee. However, sometimes the students prefer to rent outside the institution for personal reasons such as space and privacy. However, it is encouraged that if you decide to live outside the institution, may it be near the college for convenience since education can be demanding at times.

Meru TTC Contacts;

The postal address for this institution is P.O. Box 46- 60200, Meru, Kenya. If in need, you can call 064- 31155, 064- 31261 or 0717527752.
The email address of Meru TTC is meruco2010@yahoo.com.

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