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List of Kenneth Matiba’s businesses that sunk due to politics

Its really unfortunate how Matiba built his business empire through trial and error, and sheer tenacity but at the end unfavourable political environment brought him down. They say politics is a dirty game and truely Kenneth Matiba is living example.

Unlike other politicians who became rich after entering politics, Kenneth Matiba was wealthy before he ran for the Mbiri seat in 1978.

Balancing between  business and politics, was a hard but for Matiba to crack. What puzzles more is how even his managers could not save the business empire.

Here is a list of Matiba’s businesses that were brought down by politics;

1. Alliance Jadini Hotel

2. Alliance Safari Beach

3. Alliance Africana Sea Lodge

4. Alliance Naro Moru Lodge

5. Hillcrest Group of Schools

6. Horticulture Business

7. The Peoples Newspaper currently owned by media max

Matiba dreamt so big and invested heavily in hotels and the education sector that in 1978, while aged 48, he was one of Kenya’s youngest indigenous millionaires.

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