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KUCCPS Institution Portal For 2021/2022 Courses Application Institutions.kuccps.net

The Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service is a State corporation established under the Universities Act, 2012 to coordinate the placement of Government-sponsored students to universities and colleges, among other functions.

The Placement Service is pleased to announce that the application portal for the 2021 KCSE candidates the school/centre application system will close on 16th April, 2021.

The portal can be accessed by all  2021 KCSE candidates wishing to apply for degree and TVET courses in universities and colleges respectively.

a) Revised Placement Criteria
The Placement Service, in consultation with stakeholders, has revised the criteria for placement of candidates to degree and TVET courses.

The revised criteria and other relevant guiding information such as degree and TVET courses available per university and college, similar programmes and previous cut-off points (where applicable) may be accessed through the Placement Service website www.kuccps.ac.ke or the manuals under the ‘Resources’ tab on the portal.

The Centre/School application can only be submitted by the Principal not individual students. It is important that Principals/schools apply for student for placement to Universities or Colleges.

The Principal can access the Placement Service Portal through: http://schools.kuccps.net/ or by visiting the Placement Service website: http://kuccps.net and clicking on the link marked Principal’s Portal.

All schools/centers are supposed to create a new account, kindly click on ‘New Account’ link and fill in the relevant verification details to create the new account.

Log in with the registered credentials.

Move to the ‘Applications’ tab.

Click the ‘Application Template’ button.
This will download the excel workbook we expect you to populate with the student’s choices
(7-digit Programme Codes NOT Programme Names).

a) Filling and saving the template

The student has 18 choices open to them,
1. 6 Degree options (1a, 1b, 1c, 2, 3, 4)
2. 4 Diploma options (1,2,3,4).
3. 4 Craft Certificate options (1,2,3,4)
4. 4 Artisan Certificate options (1,2,3,4).

The Student is allowed to apply for either any combination of or all levels, but they should be in the appropriate fields, i.e. no Diploma Codes in the Degree area or vice versa, these choices will be disregarded.

The student should only apply for programmes they will be comfortable pursuing if they are
placed to them. No field is mandatory.

If a student will not be applying, do not enter anything in the fields, leave the choice cells
blank and only fill the contact details.

Choices 1a-1c should be the same programme in different institutions, in cases where the
programme only exists in one or two institution/s please enter only the one/s available and skip the other.

Do NOT fill the gap with another unrelated option as it will be disregarded at upload.

Once the file is fully populated, save it as an Excel Workbook (.xlsx) any other format will be rejected.

b) Uploading the filled in template
On the portal, under application, click on ‘Upload Form’ and submit.

Once uploaded, the system will generate a report on the same page, please ensure the details appearing there are correct, i.e. only the ones who paid and are making applications are marked, once you submit the form, you will not be able to change the students who will be allocated the funds.

Any programme codes highlighted in pink are erroneous and should be corrected. Correct the excel sheet as necessary and re-upload until the report is flawless.

Once satisfied the report is representative of the intended upload, check the payment
requirement and make the payment.

c) Paying for the Applicants
All payments are made via Mpesa Paybill for the whole amount for the number of applicants, the details are as detailed below:

Business Number820201
Account8-digit Center Code
Amount(500*Number of Applicants)

d) Finalising
Once you have paid enter the Mpesa transaction code in the field provided and ‘Apply’ the
payment, this will assign the funds to the students with choices.

Click ‘Save Application’ to commit the choices.
Please note you will not be able to change allocation for student funds after saving, so be
certain before submitting.

Enquiries may be sent to info@kuccps.ac.ke or by calling 0723 954 927, 0734 879 662 or 0205137400.

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