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KUCCPS 2020/2021 Placement instructions to school heads; centre application for 2019 KCSE Candidates

The Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service is a state corporation established under Section 55 of the Universities Act of 2012 to

  1.  Co-ordinate the placement of Government Sponsored Students to Universities and Colleges.
  2.  Disseminate information on available programme, their costs and the areas of study prioritized by the Government.
  3. Collect and retain data relating to University and College Placement.
  4. Advise the Government on matters relating to University and College Placement.
  5. Develop career guidance programmes for the benefit of students 
  6. Perform any other function assigned to it under the Act. 

In addition, the Act mandates the Placement Service to establish criteria to uphold equity and balanced access to University and College education and develop suitable criteria to promote affirmative action and other strategies as may be approved by the Government from time to time.

The Placement Service has therefore developed a Placement Policy and Procedure that was validated by stakeholders and approved by the Board. A copy may be accessed through the Placement Service website: www.kuccps.ac.ke. 

The following are some important highlights from the Policy and Procedure for your information and guidance: 

  1. That all secondary schools are expected to provide the necessary career guidance and assist the K.C.S.E. candidates with the online application for placement to Universities and Colleges.
  2. That all secondary schools shall on behalf of their candidates to collect, collate and submit online the applications for placement to Universities and Colleges following the procedure given in the website.
  3.  That at school application stage, each candidate is required to pay an application fee of Ksh500 (five hundred) only; following the procedure given in the website.
  4. Currently, the Minimum Requirements for placement to Degree programmes is C+, Diploma C-, Craft Certificates D and Artisan Certificate Dand below. All K.C.S.E. candidates therefore, are eligible for placement to Universities and Colleges under Government sponsorship at the applicable level. You are therefore advised to ensure that all students take advantage of the Government Sponsorship.
  5. That Minimum Entry Requirements by Regulatory and Professional Bodies will also be applicable.
  6.  That the placement of Government sponsored students applies only to Kenyan citizens


The school/Centre application will commence on September 26, 2019 and close on December 31, 2019

Application Process Each candidate shall be given an opportunity to choose his or her preferred course as shown below

  1. Degree Course: choices; 1(a), 1(b), 1(c), 2, 3, 4.
  2. Diploma Course: Choices; 1,2,3,4 3.
  3. Craft Course: Choices; 1,2,3,4 4.
  4. Artisan Course: Choices; 1,2,3,4

All candidates should be encouraged to apply, and can give choices from all four levels

However, they should make choices only for programmes they are interested in. No field is mandatory. Applicants will be given a chance to revise choices after the release of 2019 KCSE results

The following information regarding your school/centre is required to be submitted together with studentschoices

Center Information

Center Code


Centre Name


County Name


Sub County










Center Phone Number


Center Email


Center Postal Address


Center Head’s Information

Principal’s Name


Principal’s phone number


Principal’s Email




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