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KNEC Opens Portal for CBC Exams, How to Register, Transfer Learner

The Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) has opened its portal for the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) assessments where learners will have a chance to choose preferred schools as they move through the 6-2-3-3 system.

The portal, which is also called Competency Based Assessment (CBA) involves procedures on how a parent will register, capture and check the scores of learners by a school selected.

A learner will be able to register for a school of choice and at the same time transfer from one institution to another at will.

Once a learner has been registered Upon a parent will be required to access the CBA portal through the KNEC website.

How to Register

  • Login and select a grade and level
  •  Click on Register Learners button
  • Click on Add Learners button
  • Capture leaner details are required
  • Click on Save learner button

Its is important to note that the selection and registration process is only limited to Grade 3 for the Age-Based pathway or at Foundation and Intermediate for Stage Based pathway.

If an error is made during the registration process no need to worry since the council has made it possible to amend the process.

At this stage, a parent will select a learner, click on Edit button then on Save Learner button, you will be requested to update the details.

To remove a learner, a parent will be asked to select the learner then click on Delete button.

Transferring Schools for CBC Learners

One of main requirements for a parent to transfer a learner transferring to another school is to provide the assessment number. If not available, the assessment number can be searched using the learner’s previous school code or school name.

At this stage, a learner will have to access the CBA portal through the KNEC website and follow the below procedures;

  •  Login with the School Username and Password to select a Grade or Level
  • Click on the Register Learners button
  • Click on Add Learner from Another School (transfer) button
  • Key in the Assessment Number for the learner then click the Find button
  • Click on the Transfer button

After completing the above-required procedures, a transfer request shall be sent to the previous school. Upon accepting the request, the learners shall be transferred automatically.

KNEC advised that in case a learner faces challenges with transfer process, he/she can contact the Sub County Director of Education.

The government made it possible for a parent or learner to exercise full authority by declining a school of no choice. This also involves steps in which a learner will still have to visit the CBA portal.


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