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KNEC New Directives To Schools With Less than 30 Candidates KPSEA, KCPE, KCSE 2022

The Kenya National Examinations Council wishes to bring to your attention the following information with regard to hosting of 2022 KPSEA; KCPE and KCSE examination centres with less than 30 candidates

All KPSEA, KCPE, and KCSE examinations centres with less than thirty (30) candidates will be hosted during field administration of the 2022 National examinations. This policy will not apply to Special schools for learners with special needs and disabilities. Such schools will be expected to conduct examinations at their centres

All KPSEA examination centres will be hosted in the existing KCPE examination centres with a candidature of thirty (30) and above. However, Primary schools with a combined candidature of thirty (30) and above for both KCPE and KPSEA examinations will be allowed to conduct the examination in their premises on condition that they 

  • have a valid registration certificate from County Education Board;
  • have adequate examination classrooms that can accommodate twenty (20) candidates per room with a spacing of 1.22 metres on all sides; SubCounty Directors of Education will be expected to inspect such schools to ensure compliance with the above requirements

The host school and the hosted school(s) should be located within the same SubCounty and both should be served from the same Distribution Centre (container)

The host Headteacher/Principal will be the one authorised to collect examination materials from the container, coordinate the conduct of the examination and return the answer scripts to the container during each examination day

Schools with less than thirty (30) candidates and are more than five (5) kilometers away from the nearest examination centre must seek special approval from KNEC through the Sub County Director of Education before 2nd September, 2022

All Sub County Directors of Education (SCDEs) are required to submit the list of host and hosted examination centres in an excel format as per the attached template by 2nd September, 2022

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