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KNEC Extends Deadline For Uploading Grade Four, Standard Eight Assessments Scores

Owing to the challenges encountered while uploading learners’ scores onto LCBE portal, Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) has extended the deadline for uploading learners’ marks to 20 November, 2020.

Two weeks ago, Kenya National  Examinations Council  ( KNEC),  on behalf of the Ministry of Education( MoE) conducted school- based learning assessments for Grade 4 and Standard 8 under the Kenya  GPE COVID-19 Learning Continuity in Basic Education  Project.

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Ultimate aim of the assessments was to establish learning  gaps  that may have been occasioned by the long  period of closure due to the COVID-19  Pandemic,  with a view to inform  on  interventions   to be put in place towards addressing the gaps.

However, come to the attention of KNEC that the uploading exercise has been faced with challenges, which have slowed the process of uploading.

Cognizant of the challenges teachers are facing while, and in order to ensure effective capture of all scores and allow for reliable reporting, KNEC has extended the deadline for uploading marks.

In a circular dated 11th November, 2020, KNEC CEO Dr. Mercy Karogo noted that, “Schools shall upload the dully filled excel file, that was downloaded from the KNEC  system,  without  real-time  processing of  scores.  Upon  successful uploading, an auto-message will be sent to the schools informing them that “processing shall  be done within two (2)  weeks.”

Mercy Karogo also noted that timely feedback will be given to schools in order to see to it that candidates are prepared adequately for KCPE and also smooth transition to Grade five.

She said: “Timely feedback is given to enable schools adequately prepare their Class 8 pupils for examinations,  and address the learning  gaps in the CBC Grade  4 Class before transiting to Grade 5.”

The Kenya National  Examinations Council thanked all Head teachers and teachers of the significant  proportion of schools who have successfully  uploaded the assessment scores, as well as those who are still  uploading the scores.

Schools which may have challenges in uploading as guided in 4.2 above, will attach the dully filled excel file downloaded from the KNEC system, and send to the following  KNEC e-mail   address lcbe@knec.ac.ke.  The file  shall be processed within two (2)  weeks and feedback shall be given.

KNEC Contacts

KNEC further instructs that schools which still face challenges while uploading the  scores  can contact their  Sub  county  Directors of Education  (as  guided in  the  Guidelines  of Administration  of Assessments  uploaded on the  KNEC  portal),  or  contact KNEC directly  on these following numbers :

a)  0715477646

b)  0772069891


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