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KNEC Teacher Certification In Adult Education (TCAE) 2021 Examinations Timetable (pdf Download)

Kenya National Examination Council, KNEC has released timetable and instructions for 2021 Teacher Certification In Adult Education (TCAE) Examination.

It is important to note that the time allowed for each paper is indicated against the name of the paper and NO EXTRA TIME IS TO BE ALLOWED.

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In  case of any discrepancy, the time stated on the question paper must be taken as correct. Candidates with Visual Impairment will  NOT be given extra time other than what is stated on their respective papers. Any time allocated to reading through questions,  studying maps etc, is included in the total time shown, except when special paper instructions indicate otherwise. 

During examination period, supervisors and invigilators MUST ensure that candidates have written their names and index numbers on  their answer scripts before they take the scripts from the candidates.

Trainers should ensure that the candidates take note of the instructions given at the back and are aware of  the penalties for irregularities or misconduct.

KNEC Teacher Certification In Adult Education (TCAE)Examination Timetable (pdf download)

Download (PDF, 227KB)



2.2.1 Monday


2.2.2 Tuesday








4 days

1.     Deafblind (DB) 9103/204/B 

KSL-Expressive Skills


15 minutes per  candidate
2.     Hearing Impairment (HI) 9108/204/B
3.     Inclusive Education (IE) 9110/204/B
4.     Communication Disorders  (CD) 9111/204/B
2.2.3 Monday




8.30 am – 

11.30 am

5.     Autism (AT) 9102/201Introduction to Autism3 hours
6.     Deafblind (DB) 9103/204AKenyan Sign Language(KSL)3 hours
7.     Physical Disabilities (PD) 9104/201Introduction to  PD3 hours
8.     Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties (EBD) 9105/201Introduction to EBD3 hours
9.     Visual Impairment (VI) 9106/201Introduction to VI3 hours
10.  Mentally Handicapped (MH) 9107/201Introduction to  MH3 hours
11.  Hearing Impairment (HI) 9108/201Education of learners with HI3 hours
12.  Gifted and Talented (G&T) 9109/201Introduction to G&T children3 hours
13.  Inclusive Education (IE) 9110/201SNE in Inclusive Settings3 hours
14.  Communication Disorders (CD) 9111/201Aspects of Communication


3 hours
15.  Learning Disabilities (LD) 9112/201Introduction to LD3 hours
16.  Early Childhood, Care,

Development and

Education (ECCDE)

9113/201Teaching Approaches,

Resources & Transition in


3 hours
17.  Assessment 9114/201Foundations of Assessment3 hours
2.2.4 Tuesday





8.30 am 11.30 am


18.  Autism (AT) 9102/202Assessment and Intervention3 hours
19.  Deafblind (DB) 9103/201Introduction to Deafblind3 hours
20.  Physical Disabilities (PD) 9104/202Assessment and Methodology3 hours
21.  Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties (EBD) 9105/202Psycho-Disorder Management3 hours
22.  Visual Impairment (VI) 9106/203English and Maths Braille3 hours
23.  Mentally Handicapped (MH) 9107/202Physical and Perceptual Training3 hours
24.  Hearing Impairment (HI) 9108/202Assessment and Training Learners  With H.I.3 hours
25.  Gifted and Talented (G&T) 9109/204Braille and Sign language3 hours
26.  Inclusive Education (IE) 9110/203English and Maths Braille3 hours
27.  Communication Disorders (CD) 9111/202Teaching and Remediation in Communication Difficulties3 hours
28.  Learning Disabilities (LD) 9112/202Implications & Placement3 hours
29.  Early Childhood, Care,

Development and

Education (ECCDE)

9113/204Braille and Sign Language3 hours
30.  Assessment9114/202Neuro–muscular systems3 hours


2.2.5 Wednesday





8.30 am 11.30 am


31.  Autism(AT) 9102/203Curriculum Training Areas3 hours
32.  Deafblind (DB) 9103/202Functional Skills Training for


3 hours
33.  Physical Disabilities (PD) 9104/203Adaptation and Rehabilitation3 hours
34.  Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties (EBD) 9105/203Care of Vulnerable Children3 hours
35.  Visual Impairment (VI) 9106/202Functional Skills Training VI3 hours
36.  Mentally Handicapped (MH) 9107/203Assessment, Communication and ADL3 hours
37.  Hearing Impairment (HI) 9108/204AKenyan Sign Language3 hours
38.  Gifted and Talented (G&T) 9109/203G&T Implication on Education3 hours
39.  Inclusive Education (IE) 9110/204AKenyan Sign Language3 hours
40.  Communication Disorders (CD) 9111/204AKenyan  Sign language (KSL)3 hours
41.  Learning Disabilities (LD) 9112/203Basic Academic Skills3 hours
42.  Early Childhood, Care,

Development and

Education (ECCDE)

9113/203Curriculum Activities3 hours
43.  Assessment


9114/203Assessment of Sensory Organs3 hours
2.2.6 Thursday





8.30 am – 11.30 am











44.  Autism (AT) 9102/204Management of Autism3 hours
45.  Deafblind (DB) 9103/203English Braille3 hours
46.  Physical Disabilities (PD) 9104/204Anatomy & Motor Deviations3 hours
47.  Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties (EBD) 9105/204Management Strategies of


3 hours
48.  Visual Impairment  (VI) 9106/204Kiswahili and Music Braille3 hours
49.  Mentally Handicapped (MH) 9107/204Intervention Strategies3 hours
50.  Hearing Impairment (HI) 9108/203Methods of Teaching Learners with H.I.3 hours
51.  Gifted and Talented (G&T) 9109/202Assessment of G&T Learners3 hours
52.  Inclusive Education (IE) 9110/202Remediation of LD3 hours
53.  Communication Disorders (CD) 9111/203Assessment of

Communication Difficulties

3 hours
54.  Learning Disabilities (LD) 9112/204Assessment & Intervention3 hours
55.  Early Childhood, Care,

Development and

Education (ECCDE)




Care and Management of (ECCDE) Programmes.3 hours
56.  Assessment 9114/204Assessment of Intellectual Diversities.3 hours

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