Kisima Girls High School location, contacts, KCSE results, KNEC code, form one selection

This is a girls only public boarding secondary school located in Samburu county. The school is categorized as a national school and it offers quality 8-4-4 education system under the Kenyan curriculum.
The school was started in the year 1989 by local leaders together with non- governmental help. The community was so focused in ensuring that the school comes to life and that the students get the basic needs. In the earlier days though, they struggled mainly because the dining hall could not accommodate all the girls at a go. Thanks to Safaricom foundation, the school was gifted with a new bigger and more equipped dining hall.

Kisima Girls High School location;
Kisima Girls High School is located in Lorroki close to Maralal in Samburu West constituency, Samburu county, Kenya. The area is usually one of the marginalized areas in Kenya but the school usually does its best in ensuring that all the girls are secure within the school environs.

Kisima Girls High School KCSE performance;
This is one of the best performing schools in Samburu county. Year in year out, the teachers, the parents and the students all work hand in hand in ensuring that the students get the knowlendge and the preparation they need so as to pass their local and national examinations.
For instance, in 2016’s KCSE, the school became position 4 nationally with a mean score of 9.944. They have since been aiming for better grades.

Kisima Girls High School Form one selection;

Here, form one selection is usually done via academic merit in regards to KCPE examinations. The students who have high results and selected the school as the first choice are given higher priority than others. The students are also selected on need basis.

Kisima Girls High School Contacts;
School’s KNEC code; 22502101
School’s postal address; P.O. Box 293- 20600, Maralal.
Telephone/ mobile number; 0720 797495