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Kakamega High: Parents To Pay Through The Nose For Re-admission of Students

The board of management of Kakamega High school has revealed report to school formula, after learners were sent home following an unrest that brought the school to its knee.

The return to school formula was reached at a Meeting held on 10th November, 2021 at school.

According to the document seen by Jambo News, each student, accompanied by the parent/guardian will report in school by 8.00am on the given dates without fail.

The school will resume in phases as follows:

  • Form 4 – 15th November, 2021
  • Form 1 – 21st  November, 2021
  • Form 2 – 23rd November, 2021
  • Form 3 – 25h November, 2021

Unfortunately, parents/guardians will have to pay through nose for their kids to be admitted back to school.

At the same time parents/guardians will be required to clear all outstanding fees and arrears up to second term, 2021 must be cleared.

The grand total of the damages is Kshs.21,611,360,00. Divided by the total number of students which is 2200.

This implies that each student is expected to pay kshs.9823.00 as costs for damages calculated as follows:

According to the report released, the dormitory that was razed down will cost a total of Kshs. 12,185,540.

“As per the Ministry of Transport Infrastructure, Housing, Urban development and public works report on the burnt dormitory, the Bill of quantities done as per assessment by the public work officer stands at Kshs. 12,185,540,” read the report.

Other damages include:

  • The cost of the CCTV installation in the building is estimated at Kshs. 695,420.00
  • The cost of 280 Double decker beds is Kshs. 4,194,400.00
  • Total cost for the items of the 560 students damaged by the fire is estimated at Kshs.4,536,000.00.
  • The total cost for the damaged building is Kshs.12,185,540.00.
  • The cost of the double decker beds is Kshs. 4,194,400.00.

The school will donate a mattress, two blankets and two bed sheets to the students whose items were burnt in the fire

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