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Gov’t Realeases FPE Funds Into Primary Schools’ Accounts

The Government has released Ksh.132.75 per child for Account 1 which has been deposited into respective schools’ accounts.

The utilization of the funds will be strictly as follows unless otherwise authorized by the relevant authority.

UtilizationAmount Ksh
1Texts books maintenance5.50
2Exercise Books71.0
3Reference materials10.25
4Stationery Materials40.0
5Assessment and Examinations6.0


Ksh. 172.25 per child has been released into respective school’ Account 2.

The utilization of the funds will be strictly as follows unless otherwise authorized by the relevant authority.

UtilizationAMOUNT KSH
1Support Staff Wages (SSW)47.20
2Renovation of Classroom, Buildings of Toilets, Repairs

Maintenance and Improvement (RMI) oi Physical


4Local Transoort and Travelling (LT&T)11.10
5Electricity Watel and Conservancy (EWC)15.80
6Telephone/Box Rental/Postage4.10
7Environmental & Sanitation13.10
8Capacity Building and Meetings (BOM)23.50
10Science and Applied Technology5.40
11ICT Infrastructure Materials3.65


County Directors of Education should ensure that this information is availed to all public primary schools’ head teachers in their jurisdiction immediately to enable them utilize the funds as outlined above.

SCDEs receive acknowledgements from schools upon receipt of funds prepare summaries of funds received by every school and forward the same to their respective CDEs who will in turn forward the same to Director, Primary Education within 2 weeks.

Additionally, SCDEs are supposed to ensure that they regularly monitor utilization of these funds in order to ensure strict adherence to the Ministry’s guidelines.

All Head teachers shall ensure that information on receipt of capitation grant is displayed on the school notice boards and the budget tabled in Board of Management (BOM) meetings.

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