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Gov’t Directs Schools To Address Grievances of Learners To Avert Unrest

The Government has come up with strict measures to arrest rising cases of unrest and arson attacks witnessed in a number of secondary schools in the country, which have led to wanton wreck havoc of property.

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According to circular dated 9th November, basic education permanent Secretary signed by Dr. Jwan Julius, the government has come up with raft of measures that will alleviate arson attack, unrest and indiscipline in schools.

One of the the measures that has been fronted by the government is that schools should come up with open clear channels of communication to offer a platform for grievances of learners to be addressed

“Schools should open up accessible channels of communication for adequate and seamless engagement with learners, including mounting a proper mechanism for addressing grievances arising from students,”  said Jwan Julius.

In a bid to enhance security and guarantee the safety of all learners, schools have been directed to adopt the Basic Education Regulations, 2015, which give clear guidance on how schools should handle cases of mass indiscipline.

Further to these regulations, heads of institutions have been directed to institute the following measures to preempt cases of unrest in schools:

  • Urgently convene Board of Management meetings to discuss students’ discipline and share resolutions with the County Education Board for necessary action.
  • Ensure that all students involved in any form of indiscipline are not allowed to transfer to any other school. Therefore, no school should admit a student who has not been released formally by the previous school.
  • Boards of Management should ensure adequate and enhanced security around dormitories on a 24-hour basis.
  • Boards of Management should work closely with officers from Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government to ensure adequate security is provided to schools.
  • Boards of Management should work with local National Government Administrators to ensure relevant stakeholders are engaged and are able to provide necessary support that can ensure early detection of danger to schools.
  • More fundamentally, it must be noted that the Ministry will NOT meet the cost of reconstructing destroyed school property arising from acts of arson.


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