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Form One 2019 Admission process using NEMIS System

Form ones will report for admission starting from 7th Monday January 2019. The  whole exercise will be done through the Education Ministry’s National Education Management Information System (NEMIS).

According to the ministry of education, students will present their letters upon arrival for admission. The schools will then verify the existence of their names in the system.

Since the NEMIS system may experience down times as it will be processing thousands of requests during the admissions, it is advisable that the schools Print out the ‘Form 1 admission Lists’  that will serve as backups in case of Internet connection down times.

Here is the whole process of form one admission using NEMIS System

  1. The form one reports to the school where placed by the NEMIS system and presents the admission letter that must be downloaded from the Education Ministry’s portal at http://www.education.go.ke/index.php/online-services/form-one-selection. (This is applicable to National, Extra County and County Schools)
  2. The admission letter is received by the principal or any other individual as may be delegated by the principal.
  3. The Principal or delegated individual will then log onto the NEMIS system by using a smartphone, tablet or computer that has been connected to the internet (Since the admission process can only be executed online). Log onto the NEMIS system by using the official Ministry’s links: http://nemis.education.go.ke/ or http://nemissystem.education.go.ke/
  4. Once logged in (by entering the User Name and Password which is at the disposal of the Principal), Click on the tab indicated as ‘LEARNER’.
  5. From the drop down list, select Admit/Capture request.
  6. On the new window, type in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education, KCPE, index number on the search UPI/INDEX box and click on search.
  7. The NEMIS system will automatically load, and display, the student’s details showing that the learner is selected to join the school. In case the learner has not been selected to join the school, please advise him/ her to go to the school where the placement has been effected as shown on the NEMIS system or get help from the local Education office. If the student is selected to join the school, then click on ‘ADMIT’.
  8. Fill in the required information to successfully complete the admission process.
  9. Repeat steps 1 to 8, above, for all the 2019 form ones selected to join the school.
  10. You can confirm whether the learners have been captured correctly by Selecting ‘View my Learners’ from the ‘LEARNER’ tab.

Note that in case the manual back ups/ print outs are used during admissions, the schools will be required to follow steps 3-10 later to complete the Electronic registration process, later.

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