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Education PS Belio Kipsang outlaws persons teaching yet not certified by TSC

Basic Education PS Dr. Belio Kipsang has said it is now illegal for persons who are purporting to teach yet they are not approved to teach by the TSC.

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Appearing before the Parliamentary Committee on Education on Thursday, warned that only teachers certified by Teachers Service Commission should engage learners.

This comes at a time when persons including a member of Parliament have taken personal initiatives to voluntarily teach learners who are currently not in a position to access learning in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic.

At the same time Education CS Professor Magoha has assured the nation that syllabus coverage will resume from where it stopped.

The CS exuded confidence in teaching fraternity and gave the members of parliament his word as far as coverage of syllabus is concerned.

“When schools open, the syllabus will start from where it stopped. Our teachers are good and if they focus on the children who perhaps didn’t have the benefit of using e-learning at home, they will be able to cover the syllabus quickly,” stated CS Magoha.

CS Magoha also defended current e-learning that is effected through Edu channel,  Radio Taifa, KBC English Service and Youtube tutorials.

“It is not proper to stop the ones with access so that they can be the same as the ones without. It is better to allow the ones with access to gain and hope that the period is as short as possible, so that when the time comes we shall empower the rest,”added the CS.

Charges for e-learning services

Magoha further defended private schools for charging for e-learning services.

“It is a form of justice if these teachers develop additional content which they use to teach students online, when it comes to charging.  Since this is a free country, I see nothing wrong with charging for a service delivered,” noted profesor Magoha.


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