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Education CS Nominee Ezekiel Machogu Links Absence of Father Figure to Indiscipline of Students

The nominee for Education Cabinet Secretary, Ezekiel Machogu, has blamed the lack of father figures in some families for the notorious indiscipline cases seen in schools.

While appearing for vetting in parliament, Machogu linked the surging cases of misbehaving students to a lack of role models and mentors in the family set-up.

According to Machogu Kenya is a patriarchal society and that father figure plays a vital role in the family.

“The father figure is so important and critical in the family. Unfortunately, in some setups, there is negligence, abscondment, and absence, and the boy child does not have anyone to mentor him or a role model.

According to Machogu, the father figure and family play an important role in a child’s overall upbringing.

The nominee also noted that the age at which children engage in criminal activities, abuse drugs and substances, and drop out of school should be managed.

“Some of these things require joint effort from the school and the parents,” the nominee told the committee.

His response came in response to a question from a committee member who asked him to detail the steps he would take to combat indiscipline.

During vetting process, The National Assembly committee emphasized greatly on the burning of boarding schools, particularly in urban institutions.

Machogu told the committee that one the things that will reinstate discipline in schools is the introduction of counseling services Within the school.

Out going Education CS George Magoha always advocated for parents to foot the bill incase of fire break out in schools.

“If you are mad, why don’t you start by burning the house of your father? We don’t play such games,” Magoha dared rogue students.

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