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CS Magoha Dismisses Claims That KCSE 2021 Has Leaked

Education CS George Magoha has dismissed claims that Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination papers have been leaked.

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In a statement to the media on Sunday CS Magoha said in a statement to the media on Sunday that all of the papers had been delivered to each examination center with all of the unique security features intact.

“I repeat: No examination paper has been leaked, none will,” CS Magoha reiterated.

“I thank all the thousands of KNEC-contracted personnel who have put aside all their personal and official demands to ensure the examination is safely guarded,”

CS Magoha, on the other hand, stated that a joint team of DCI investigators and Ministry of Education officials busted an early-exposure ring that was assisting students in cheating on their exams.

“A few scrupulous people have over the last five years devised a new dirty trick of opening examination packages a few minutes before the start time, in what we call the “early exposure”.” CS Magoha said.

According to the CS, the cartels in question were using mobile phones to photograph the exam before sneaking out the questions and passing them on to a hired group, who would then tackle the questions and send the answers back to the examination center.

To further minimise incidences of malpractice, the Education Ministry has issued a slew of new directives aimed at closing all potential exam leakage loopholes.

To facilitate monitoring processes, all schools will now be required to keep the gate open throughout the day’s examination.

At the same time, mobile phones have been prohibited in exam centers, with the Ministry stating that only two phones will be permitted: one for the center manager and one for the security officer.

Both phones will be kept in the centre manager’s office in case of an emergency.

While the morning paper is being written, security officers will be required to sit in positions where they have a clear view of the examination materials for the second daily paper.

Furthermore, during the examination season, centre managers will be required to keep unauthorized teachers out of the centers.

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