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Boarding Secondary Schools Will be Delayed to Grade Nine – CS Magoha

Education cabinet secretary has hinted that rush to boarding secondary schools will be delayed to Grade Nine.

Magoha noted that The Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) taskforce report had rooted for day schools when the transition to junior secondary schools is rolled out.

Speaking after commissioning new junior secondary school classes at Kariobangi North Girls High School in Nairobi, Prof Magoha, said that the new level of education is geared towards a day school setting and not boarding.

The cabinet encouraged parents to take their children to day schools since only three streams for junior secondary school.

Government has already spent Sh788,000 for the junior classroom that are expected to be ready in three to four weeks’ time.

“We are spending Sh788,000 for the junior high classrooms which are supposed to take three to four weeks to complete. Secondary Quality Improvement Programme (SEQIP) ones cost Sh1.26 million. And despite construction starting eight weeks earlier than the junior high ones, not a single one is complete,” said Magoha.

As at now, out of the 3,500 classrooms set to be constructed, Magoha said only 50 are ready for commissioning. He has already commissioned 10 of them, and will be commissioning more in Limuru and Mombasa by the end of the week.

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