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Babu Owino to lead virtual Mathematics revision lesson via Facebook Live

Just when you think you have heard it all from Embakasi East member of Parliament, Paul Ongili popularly known as  Babu Owino the next move brings another jaw-dropper.

In a bid to alleviate devastating effects caused by the Covid-19 pandemic in education sector, the youthful mp has offered to teach learners through his Facebook page.

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Through his Facebook Page, honourable Babu Owino has urged all KCSE candidates to stay put on Friday at 1pm as he takes them through a Mathematics revision lesson.

“Stay tuned tomorrow on my Facebook live at 1pm as I will be leading KCSE Candidates on revision of Mathematics,” read his facebook post.

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Babu Owino further requested his facebook followers to inform all candidates tune in with a pen and paper.

“Kindly inform the candidates you know to tune in with a pen and paper. Hii itakuwa noma you must watch,” read part of the Facebook post.

Babu Owino’s move comes at a time when the government has assured the nation that it has not thought of rescheduling of national examination timetable in the wake of coronavirus.

“At this point, the government has not decided to postpone both the KCPE and KCSE. Let our children enjoy the last week on holiday, and then start the one month that has been added to them,” said education CS in one of the past coronavirus daily briefings.

KCPE and KCSE Exams

It’s barely a week since the controversial politician set the internet ablaze after he ordered education CS Professor Magoha to submit KCPE and KCSE exam papers to his office so that he can ascertain whether the content being tested has been taught.

“As the secretary general of Kenya Young Parlimentarians, the cabinet secretary education Professor George Albert Magoha Omore must submit in my office those exam papers in advance so that i can verify if they have tested what has not been taught”, said the youthful Mp.

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