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10 major Scandals/Corruption under Jubilee Government involving Billions of Shillings

Everyday in Kenya is a new scandal that involves colossal amounts of money. Its shocking how the country is losing billions of shillings that goes unaccounted for.

The most affected is business of procurement that has created fertile avenues for unscrupulous public officers and suppliers to siphon public funds with abandon.

Despite the constitution giving more powers and authority to Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission (EACC), mega scams happen daily in different offices and only differ in form and magnitude. Procurement department is the one taking the lead.

It is very unfortunate that Kenyan citizens are captives of cartels. Cartels are running this country. Powerful people just make calls and have their way in stealing from the public.

The following are the top scandals that have hit Jubilee government.

  1. Sh6.8 billion through inflated costs for the construction of Hazina Towers.
  2. Sh55.6 billion irregular tendering for Jomo Kenyatta International Airport’s new terminal through the Kenya Airports Authority.
  3. Sh8 billion Karen land grab.
  4. Sh15 billion police CCTV system.
  5. Sh5 billion NSSF Tassia project.
  6. Sh50 bolion Chicken gate scandal
  7. Sh1.9 billion NYS scandal that rocked Jubilee’s first term.
  8. Latest NYS scam, reports indicate that Sh8.8 billion was paid to suppliers.
  9. Controversial Sh250 billion Eurobond
  10. The Standard Gauge Railway (Sh314.2 billion)

The latest scandals that shocked many is fraudulent payments for maize supplied to the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB).

Scandals does not only energize public discontent, but also threaten to erode goodwill as well as scare away potential investors and donors.

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