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TSC TPAD 2: Appraisal Process Step-by-step (Photos)

It is important to note that an appraiser is able to view all the completed appraisals ready for him/her to appraise from his dashboard.

In this post, we are going to highlight steps followed when appraiser is appraising an appraisee in TSC TPAD Portal.

Below is the landing page for the appraiser;


Step 1: Click on ‘Appraiser Appraisals’, click on the ‘Pending appraisals’ tab and the view below appears. Like in the case below, the status is Awaiting Appraisal from the appraiser.

Step 2: All the pending appraisee’s appraisals appear on the view below where the appraiser clicks on “Proceed to Appraisal” to commence the appraisal process.


Step 3: To be able to update, the appraisee clicks on “Update Standard” in order to view the standards as shown below;


Step 4: The view below appears for the appraiser to start rating each standard. Now click on “Update Rating”

Step 5: The appraiser is now able to see the weight the appraisee has rated as shown in this view. The appraiser clicks on “Add Weight” to start rating of each standard.

Under each target, there is performance indicators and verifiable evidences which the appraiser is supposed to use for the rating. (as shown in the screen shot below)

Step 6:

 The appraiser enters the weight under each target. The ratings should not exceed the weight displayed under each target.

The appraiser also needs to indicate whether the appraisee has any gaps.

The comment section on observations or interventions on the gap need to be captured.

Once done Click on submit ratings button.

Scenario 1: Appraisee with a gap

The appraiser accepts that the appraisee has a gap by clicking on the yes check box as shown in arrow 1 in the screenshot below;

The appraiser selects the gap from the listed gaps as shown in arrow 2 above.

The appraiser adds a comment on the defined gap as shown below and then clicks on “Submit rating” to complete on target completion.

Scenario 2: Appraisee without a gap

The appraiser enters the weight; then he or she accepts that the appraisee has no gap by clicking on the No check box as shown in the slide;

Then click on the Submit Ratings button;

After submission of the rating, the view below appears being an assurance that the rating was successfully done.



Appraiser comments are added after every standard rating as shown in the screen shot below. Click on the “Save Comment“ button to effect the changes.

A pop up message on successful submission appears on the screen as shown below;

The appraiser comment is saved in the appraisal and appraiser prompted to scroll to the next standard to continue with the rating. The slide below shows the appraiser comment and message to continue with the rating.

The view below shows that the appraiser has been completed appraising on the first standard.


The appraiser repeats the steps above on all the standards. The view below appears with the status under each standard as “Done”.

The view below appears showing both the appraisee and appraiser ratings.


The appraiser clicks on the “Complete Appraisal” button in order to complete the process as shown in the screenshot below:

NOTE that the tab is dark blue in colour and once its clicked, it changes to a purple colour.

The complete appraisal tab changes to purple colour being assurance that the appraisal process has been completed by the appraiser ready for the next step.


The pop up window with the message appears. This is an assurance that the appraisal has been completed successfully as shown on the slide;

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