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TSC July 2023 Payslips Now Online

Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has posted July 2023 payslips online. This will enable teachers to know how their deductions were made.

This will also assist teachers in knowing whether the government fulfilled its promise of increasing basic salary 7-10%.


To login into your TSC T-PAY System click on this link https://tpay.tsc.go.ke.

Enter your TSC Number and Password then click on login.

At the the top there are four pages, Home, Personal Details, Employment Details and Update My Details.

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Home page

Under home page, one can view his or her Surname, TSC Number and Id Number. At the bottom left hand side, one can quickly access the following; Menu, Latest Payslip, Latest P9 and My Transactions.


Upon clicking on menu, you will be taken to a page that allows you to perform the followings tasks:

  • View Payslips
  • View P9(s)
  • Send Payslips
  • Transactions (They include those that are running or those that require(s) your approval)
  • View document.

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Latest Payslip

Here you can effortlessly access the most recent payslip. Upon clicking on Latest Payslip tabyou can be able to view your last four payslips labelled as MONTH ONE, MONTH TWO, MONTH THREE and MONTH FOUR.

Latest P9

Under this tab you can access and print your latest p9 form. A P9 form contains crucial information that is required when filling KRA Tax returns.

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Personal Details

This page shows all the personal information of the teacher. Here are all the details you can see on this page

Salutation: Mr/Mrs/Miss/Dr./Prof.TSC-Number:Surname:ID-Number:First Name:TAX PIN:Others Name(s):Date of Birth:Gender:Marital Status:Children:

  • Home County:
  • Ethnicity:
  • Postal Address & Code:
  • Email Address:
  • Phone Number:
  • Religion:
  • Special Need:

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